We’re Having a Baby!

If you’re on my mailing list, you’ll already know that Motoko and I are having a baby. He’s only about six weeks away now. That will obviously bring some big changes. After 15 years of marriage, here are some of thoughts on our new lifestyle. I really like whether everything is going so far. I am Canadian We’ve decided to deliver the baby in Canada. Before and after the delivery we’ll need to have regular doctor visits and some stability in our lives. We were consideringContinue Reading

What Robin Williams’ Death Can Teach Us About Living

  Robin Williams was a brilliant actor and comedian. He was rich, famous and achieved every bit of the American dream, yet he was still human. Even the most successful can suffer from substance abuse and depression. Robin is certainly not alone. There is a long list of celebrities who lost their lives to overdoses or suicide. Achievement, wealth and all those things we typically equate with a dream lifestyle are often not enough. This post is not really about Robin Williams. I donContinue Reading

Floating Around Portland – WDS2014

I recently visited Portland, Oregon for the third time to attend the World Domination Summit. It’s an amazing event with world class speakers, great attendees and tons of fun activities. There are lots of people writing about how great the event was, so I’m just going to share this short video with some photos of me levitating around the city. Enjoy! … Continue Reading

How to Change the World – An Interview with Ben Randall of ‘The Human, Earth Project’

Can one person make a meaningful difference in the world?  Ben Randall is an inspiring example of what’s possible in this time of great abundance. I first met Ben in Thailand last winter. He told me his story of how he saved some money and then quit his job to travel to SE Asia to search for a kidnapped friend and raise awareness for the tragedy of human trafficking.  Since that time, Ben and his cameraman Moreno Paulon have successfully crowdfunded $12,000 to complete productiContinue Reading

12 Great Travel and Business Resources from 12 Authors at 90% Off

Are you an aspiring digital nomad, traveler or online entrepreneur? Here is a great collection of resources at almost a 90% discount for the next 72 hours. The best part is that $10 of every sale goes to the Pencils of Promise Charity to help build a school in Guatemala.  The offer ends on June 5th so act fast if you are interested. You’ll find a summary of all 12 resources below, but you can find out more information at The Paradise Pack. The Ultimate Guide to Frequent Flyer MileContinue Reading

Make Money or Make a Difference?

I believe that most people want to make a positive impact on the world. Faced with a clear choice between a selfish or a generous act, most would choose to give. Yet, in our daily lives it’s easy to focus on our own immediate self-interests. We tell ourselves that someday in the future well donate more, volunteer more or work on a social business idea. It generally takes a life threatening illness or a major disaster to bring out our good side. With all the wealth and abundance in deveContinue Reading

The ActionMBA is Here!

After many iterations and test projects, I’ve finally have some progress to show you about my next two big endeavours. The ActionMBA is a “”free online business skills building course for social entrepreneurs, non-profits and activists.” DareBigDoGood.com will the community to go with the ActionMBA site and will be the home for my new blog. My Dare Big Manifesto I first wrote about the ActionMBA in my Dare Big Manifesto post a long time ago. At least it seems like a lContinue Reading

Cool People, Cool Projects

One of the primary reasons for starting this blog was to help me connect with cool people doing cool things. Over the last 5 years, I’ve had an opportunity to interview or meet hundreds of very interesting people around the world. Here are some of the latest projects from a few people I know and respect. Niall Doherty Want a glimpse into what it’s like to travel around the world without flying? Check out Niall Doherty’s The Cargo Ship Diaries for tales of his global expContinue Reading

Is Your Business Socially Useless or Worse?

There are many things we can do with our careers. Some work can make the world better. These are socially good businesses. At the other end of the spectrum are socially destructive businesses that, regardless of profitability, bring net negative benefit to the world. In the middle, are socially useless businesses that are basically just a waste of human brainpower and effort. These are often zero sum games where someone only benefits from another’s loss. While it’s not always easy to cleContinue Reading

How to find Meaning and Purpose in your Life

Are you searching for more meaning and fulfillment in your life? You’re definitely not alone. There is only one way to really be satisfied and fulfilled. The answer is very simple, but it’s definitely not the easiest choice to make. What if you didn’t need money or attention? Derek Sivers recently wrote a post that I think hints at one of key issues of our time. If you stopped doing all these things you’re just doing for the money, or the attention, what’s leContinue Reading