Travel Can be Cheaper than Staying Home

Interview with World Traveler and Berlin Expat, Adam Groffman

With Germany’s forward thinking Freelancer Work Visa and inexpensive living costs in the creative and culturally rich city of Berlin, there is only one digital nomad headquarters in Europe. Increasing numbers of travellers are falling in love with Berlin and making this city their homebase. After a round-the-world trip, designer and blogger Adam Groffman couldn’t resist the pull of Berlin and has relocated there. In this interview, he shares what makes Berlin such a great city, shares his travel experiences and explains how he funds his expat lifestyle.

Travels of Adam - Adam GroffmanWhat made you want to quit your job to travel around the world?

I grew up in Texas but went to school and lived in Boston for a while. I studied communications with a focus on advertising (though I’d initially started my studies as a journalism student), but actually worked in the book publishing industry right out of college doing graphic design. I studied abroad twice while at university and that always made me want to live abroad. In 2009, I realized it’d been years since I traveled abroad so a friend and I planned a weekend trip to Iceland. Neither of us had any spare vacation time, so we planned the …

From Real Estate Investor to Traveler, Interview with Matt Bailey

Today’s interview is with Matthew Bailey, an entrepreneur, traveler and fellow Canadian. In his early twenties, Matt purchase two real estate properties as investments. Unfortunately, the costs and hassles weren’t worth the meager returns. I also lost my money in both of my real estate investments, so I can definitely relate to his experiences. Matt talks about the hazards of real estate investing, his experiences with niche marketing, his Canadian frequent flyer miles hacking site, studying in Malaysia and more.

Matt Bailey

Please tell us about yourself

I’m from Canada, born and raised in a small oil town called Fort McMurray. Like others in the town, my dream was to simply make lots of moola in the oil field and buy a big house, a couple cars, and lots of big toys. As I got a little older, I realized I didn’t want this anymore so I changed everything. My adventurous life started when I packed my bags and moved to Calgary just weeks after turning 20. Since then, I’ve earned a diploma in marketing, a bachelor degree in management, bought a house and a condo, and then dropped it all to travel the world and pursue other interests like entrepreneurship and …

Foreign Travel is Scary and Dangerous

Going to a foreign country for the first time can be scary. I want to put that fear into perspective. I met a guy from Afghanistan while I was in Melbourne earlier this year. In the course of our conversation I asked him about how he had ended up in Australia. He had a fascinating story to tell.

Afghanistan Travel


How does a refugee from a war torn country make it to Australia?

My wife and I met Ali in a cafe in Melbourne’s trendy Fitzroy district. He was sitting by himself and, as my wife and I were sat near him, we struck up a conversation.

Before I tell you Ali’s story, I want to remind everyone of the amazing times we live in. For most of us, a couple of weeks salary will buy a plane ticket to the other side of the world. There are thousands of blogs and websites to help you find a place to stay, plan sightseeing trips and get a feel for exactly what you can expect.

When you arrive, you can be certain there will be plenty of English speaking people to serve you at restaurants, hostels, train stations and for …

Interview with Dani and Jessica of

Making money online to fund a travel lifestyle is typically the biggest challenge for aspiring digital nomads. While the idea of starting a travel blog to fund your adventure sounds very appealing, reality is that you will need savings or another source of income to get you started. Even highly successful travel bloggers typically supplement their incomes from multiple websites or other freelance work. Dani and Jessica of GlobeTrotterGirls offer some great advice on how to find your first freelancing gigs and their experiences traveling the world in this interview. There is no easy path to online riches, but people like Dani and Jessica are proving that a travel lifestyle is possible with some hard work and focus.



Please tell us about your backgrounds?

We are Dani and Jessica, a German-American couple who met in Germany in 2006. Jessica was living in Germany at the time teaching English, and I was about to move to England to finish my degree in International Business there. Luckily, Jessica also had planned to move there to do a Master’s in Media and Culture Studies, so we ended up landing in England within a week of each other. We saw that as a …

Travel AND Make a Difference in the World: The Muskoka Foundation

A travel focused lifestyle can be incredibly rewarding and life-changing. It is great to experience exotic cultures, unwind on tropical beaches and party in funky bars and clubs. However, something more is needed. Even paradise can get boring if you are not working on something meaningful and challenging. Wouldn’t it be great to travel the world and make a real contribution to the communities you visit? The Muskoka Foundation was created to offer those volunteer opportunities. This guest post is a short introduction to their organization.

DO GOOD Muskoka Foundation

The Muskoka Foundation

The Muskoka Foundation is a non-profit foundation based in the USA. Their vision is to have a world where ethical and responsible traveling is a standard part of every traveler’s itinerary, with the hope that it will create a fleet of intentional explorers that leave a wake of positive change.

The foundation was founded by Jay Shapiro and Alice Gugelev, who are overlanding-enthusiasts. When they were living in South East Asia they were unable to find volunteering opportunities suited to overlanders that wouldn’t cost any volunteering fee. Right there and then was the birth of the vision and the foundation.

The Muskoka Foundation

The name “Muskoka” itself is the name of a region in …

Interview with Professional Photographer, Daniel Nahabedian

Remember back to a time when cameras needed film and it cost a small fortune to develop photographs? Obviously, the digital revolution has made it is easier and cheaper than ever to take photographs. That also means that earning a living as a photographer is far more competitive and difficult. In my first interview with a professional photographer, self-taught Daniel Nahabedian shares how he learned to handle a camera and the steps he took to turn his passion into a career.

Daniel Nahabedian

Please tell us about your background?

This is not a simple question. I’m a Armenian guy, born in Lebanon, raised in the UAE with a French passport, living in Thailand and speaking almost 6 languages.

I left the UAE after school to study Law in Toulouse, France, where I stayed for 7 years before returning back to Abu Dhabi. I settled for a boring job in HR for about 5 years, longing to escape every day.

Luckily, I discovered a passion with photography that kept me curious and creative. In 2008, I had my first real taste of travel after I went backpacking in Ireland and Iceland. The following year, after walking about 2000km on the Camino de Santiago

Interview with World Traveller, Best Selling Author and Top Blogger, Chris Guillebeau

In just a few short years, Chris Guillebeau has risen to be one of the the most popular and successful authors, bloggers, publishers and conference organizers on the planet. While building his media empire he has also been travelling to every country in the world. A goal which will be accomplished this year, before he is 35 years old. I have written before about some of the factors that have lead to Chris Guillebeau’s success and here are some of his projects and accomplishments:

9 Medical Tourism Myths Exposed

Medical TourismMy wife and I have had doctor and dental visits in five different countries now. After some initial apprehensions, we have gotten pretty comfortable visiting foreign medical professionals. Not every country offers the same level of quality, but you might be surprised at the service you can get abroad for very little money.

In Canada, just getting a dentist to look in your mouth for a few minutes will likely cost you $60 or $70. In Thailand, that will get you two hours of a dental specialist’s time. Your home doctor will probably warn you of the dangers of venturing abroad for medical services, but are those criticisms valid?

Myth 1 – Western doctors are better.

I have visited lousy dentists and doctors in very developed countries and great ones in less advanced countries. Sure some countries should be avoided, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your country’s doctors are always superior. If you can afford private doctors in the top U.S. hospitals, you will likely get some of the best medical care in the world. If you are going to lessor known, public hospitals you will likely get a standard of care that is comparable to most other countries in …

Live in Thailand on $500 per month

My wife and I recently spent two months in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Relative to living costs, it definitely is one of the best cities for quality of life. There are other great cities around the world, but for a similar lifestyle, you would likely pay many times more. I have already written about why Chiang Mai is such a haven for digital nomads, so in this post I am going to provide more specific details on our living expenses and lifestyle in Thailand. We didn’t quite keep our costs under the elusive $500 per month budget, but we weren’t far off.


Accommodations in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand is fantastic for short-term rentals of both guest houses and apartments. While most other countries still expect long-term contracts, Thailand is geared towards casual travelers and has accommodation for every budget and duration.

My wife and I paid $360 per month for a nice hotel style apartment ten minutes walk from the trendy Nimmanhaeman Street of Chiang Mai. Internet was included, but water and electricity were about an extra $30 per month. (2016 Update: I share our $150/month Chiang Mai Apartment in a recent post.)

Chiang Mai, Thailand - Apartment

$360 per Month Chiang Mai Apartment

Location Independent Update From Australia

Australia TravelGreetings we are in Melbourne, Australia now, waiting to go to Sydney this afternoon.  I wanted to give a quick update, because I will probably be offline for the next few days again.

Australia – Natural Paradise

We just spent a couple of weeks with my cousin on Bribie Island. We were absolutely thrilled to do nothing in this small resort town. Ocean-side walks, clean air, abundant wildlife and the sound of nature are a welcome respite, after the pollution, noise and overall insanity of Bangkok. We were different people there.

The Most Expensive Country in the World

We are really surprised at how expensive Australia is. Restaurants, hotels and transportation cost a fortune and you generally get pretty mediocre quality and service. Many people believe that Japan is expensive, they should visit Australia. A $20 entree is a great meal with fantastic service in Japan. In Australia, it is a basic dish.


I hate travel again. I love being in new places but all the moving around is too much. I am looking to settling down for the summer in Calgary. We are having a great time, but I just want to be in one place for …