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Forget Jet Setting – Here is a real JetSetCitizen


I  Made a Mistake

JetSetCitizen is not a very good name for this website. The idea of jet setting to exotic locales, while exciting and romantic, is definitely not the message I want to promote. My idea of a JetSetCitizen is more about being a global citizen and the personal responsibility that requires. Really experiencing foreign cultures and connecting with people around the world can be transformative and enlightening, if you let it.

Travel is Not a Competition

Travelling for the sake of getting passport stamps or crossing items off a bucket list are just other manifestations of our rampant consumerism. Some travellers compete by how many countries they have been to or attempt to regale in tales of how authentic or exotic their experiences are. How different is that from trying to one-up your neighbor’s latest purchase? Instead of keeping up with the Joneses, many of us are keeping up with the Indiana Joneses.

Maximize Profit or Maximize Good

We have been sold the idea that we have to produce and consume more to ‘advance.’ The strength of an economy is measured by growth in total production, whereas other measures like happiness, health, social relationships, clean air, wildlife, access …

Retire Young and Travel the World, Interview with Wendy Justice

Interview with Long Term Traveller, Wendy Justice

Do you have to wait until you are 65 years old to retire? What would it take to quit your job and travel the world? How much money would you need and what would you do to prepare?  Wendy Justice answers those questions and offers some great advice in this interview.

How did you come to the decision to retire at age 50?

I wish that I could have retired earlier! It wasn’t until I was 50 that I felt that I had enough funds accumulated to afford relinquishing my full-time nursing job. Even then, I looked at it more as a sabbatical than a permanent lifestyle change. To me, working was always intended to be a means to an end – in this case, becoming a global traveler.

What did you do to prepare to retire?

I have always lived frugally. I don’t like being in debt, and that helped a lot when it became time to retire – my first piece of advice to someone considering this is don’t even think about it unless you’ve settled all your obligations first. The last year or two that my husband and I were working, we knew that retirement was right …

16 months into Location Independence

Calgary, CanadaIt has been about 16 months since my wife and I left Japan and almost two and a half years since we made our commitment to change countries and careers. Here is an update on how our life has changed since we decided to give up our old way of life.

Visiting Canada

We are back in Canada now until the end of summer. My wife’s six month visa expires in September so we have to go somewhere before then. We still haven’t decided where or for how long.

Overall life is good.  We really have few complaints. I am doing some part-time marketing consulting work with a few companies which more than pays for our living expenses. We have time to regularly exercise, read a lot, meet new people and generally do anything we want. With the exception of my terrible marathon performance last month, I would even say that life is perfect. 🙂

We are Homeless

Our house in Japan was up for sale for a long time but we finally sold it a few of months ago.  Getting rid of the house will save us a lot of money every month so we are happy to …

Interview with South African Native, Cath Duncan

Cath Duncan of Agile Living and The Bottom Line Book ClubHere is a fantastic opportunity to help out with a great cause, enter a raffle to win some amazing personal and business development resources and get 17 author interviews just for promoting the cause on Twitter or Facebook. Before you continue reading, please take a moment to visit this Kidney Raffle Page and help spread the news.

This interview is with a friend I originally connected with online and then had the the opportunity to meet in my home city of Calgary, Canada. Cath Duncan and her husband are South African natives who have decided to call Calgary home after some work re-locations around the world. Cath has generously given hundreds of hours of her time to raise money for Kidney research. She tells her story and offers some great personal development advice in this interview.

Please tell us a little about your yourself.

I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. Since 2002, my husband Andy and I have moved between London UK, Philadelphia USA, Cape Town SA and Calgary Canada since 2002. We’ve moved a lot because we both love change and variety, and living in different parts of the world is a great way to travel because …

Interview with Super Traveler, Dave Thompson

Dave Thompson of DavesTravelCorner.comLong time adventurist, Dave Thompson of shares his experiences traveling the world and earning a living online. Dave gives an honest account of what it is like to earn money blogging and offers some great advice for aspiring travel writers.

Please tell us about your travels.

My first major trip was to Nepal in 1996. This was the trip that hooked me onto International travel for a variety of reasons. It was my first trip to a part of the world that wasn’t western centric and my eyes were opened by the culture, food, the Himalayas and the authentic experiences. I became super ill from altitude sickness and food poisoning around 5200 meters in the middle of the night. I had to be carried down on our guide’s shoulders for 2 hours to a lower altitude where I vomited for the rest of the night filling up a large bowl which was frozen solid in the morning. I became so weak I could not walk and a lady who I was with carried me down the mountain for most of the ensuing day on her shoulders/back with a sling we put together from a sleeping bag. Unfortunately she had …

Digital Nomad, Jason Batansky tells how he Travels the World

Jason Batansky - Digital NomadHow would you like to be self-employed, while having the income and freedom to travel the world? Jason Batansky, has created exactly that lifestyle for himself and he is only 22 years old. He gives a fantastic account into his life with detailed information on exactly how earns his income in this interview.

Please tell us about your travels.

I started traveling independently around 4 ½ years ago in the summer of 2007 to South America. I expected to work four days per week at a non-profit organization in Ecuador in advertising and marketing to attract new members to the organization. I arranged this internship directly with the entity rather than going through a third party company so that I could have full control of my trip. I lived out of a hostel for months and traveled on the weekends. I eventually decided to quit the internship a month early. With my extra time, I took a trip to the Galapagos and skipped over the border to Colombia. That month was my first real taste of what I wanted to do full-time in the future.

Since then, I’ve visited and lived in countries in South America, Western and Eastern Europe, …

Interview with World Travelers, Jason Demant and Sharon Duckworth of LifeAfterCubes

I am constantly discovering  people who are not happy with their careers and are looking for something more interesting to do with their lives. Jason Demant and Sharon Duckworth are two people that share my philosophy on life. The time to experience life and travel the world is now. As Jason and Sharon have found, once you begin you may never want to go back. They share some of their experiences and advice in this interview.

Please tell us  a little about your background.

We’re both 26 and originally from northern California. We met in college at the University of California, Santa Cruz (go slugs!). We both graduated and independently moved to the Silicon Valley. Jason worked for Seagate Technology for almost five years in a few different positions: project manager, finance and finally marketing. Sharon worked at a gym teaching kids motor-development skills originally, but ended up selling out and joined a commercial real estate company.
We always knew we wanted to travel, but weren’t planning on leaving until October 2010. When the economy started going downhill, we started really pumping up our savings to leave sooner rather than later. Last October we left and have been traveling around …

Interview with Philanthropists, Bernie and Dani of Border Jumpers

Long-term travel is a life-changing experience. It is exciting to meet new people, experience new cultures and completely broaden your horizons. Most of us travel for our own personal satisfaction and growth, however there are many people, living and traveling abroad, dedicating their lives to make the world a better place. Such selfless devotion truly is amazing. Bernard Pollack and Danielle Nierenberg are two of those people striving to make a difference in the world. They took some time out of their African endeavors to answer some questions here.

Zimbabwe- HIV:AIDS Orphanage Project Visit with the Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Associations in Harare

Zimbabwe- HIV:AIDS Orphanage Project Visit with the Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Associations in Harare

Please tell us  a little about your backgrounds.

B: Danielle currently serves as Co-Project Director of State of World 2011 for the Worldwatch Institute , a Washington, DC-based environmental research organization. Her background is in sustainable agriculture; impacts of meat, egg, and dairy production on the environment, primarily climate change; animal welfare, and farmers; greenhouse gas emissions and the food system; biofuels; urban agriculture; and food safety.  She also worked for two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Dominican Republic and volunteers at farmers’ markets, the Earth Sangha (an urban reforestation organization), and 1Well (an …

Interview with Perpetual Traveller, Wandering Earl

Interview with Perpetual Traveller, Wandering Earl

Interview with Perpetual Traveller, Wandering Earl

We all love to take an occasional vacation, but there are few that have managed to turn travel into a way of life. Derek Earl Baron, more popularly know as Wandering Earl is one of those people. He has been travelling the world for 11 years now and has done it all. Earl shares some of his experiences on cruise ships, teaching English and selling eBooks in this interview.

Please tell us a little about your background.

I’m currently 33 years old and I’m originally from a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. I grew up living a normal North American-Jewish childhood, playing a good deal of basketball and baseball, studying relatively hard and being forced to compete against my cousins and other Jewish friends in every aspect of life!

Actually, that last part played a significant role in my upbringing as from day one I knew that my path would include four years at a good university and rising to the top of a well-respected profession as quickly as possible in order to ‘out-do’ my competition and make my own family proud.

And this even led me to declare, during my second year at university, …

Interview with Dave Lee of

Interview with David Lee of

Interview with David Lee of

More and more people are proving that it is definitely possible to make money from travel blogs to fund an anywhere lifestyle. Dave Lee of Go has created the Travel Blog Success program to help you get started. Dave shares some of his experiences from his round the world adventure in this interview.

Please tell us a little about your background

My first independent travel experience was at 21, after graduating college. I joined friends on a backpacking trip around Europe for the Summer, and had an amazing time, even after most of them went home early. After that, my attention turned to finding a job, apartment, car, and so on. Despite learning how easy it is to travel abroad, I wasn’t making it a priority, until I lost my job at 25. The layoff gave me a chance to reassess my priorities, and I decided my next job would be a means to take my dream trip around the world. I had to make up for lost time. I made a commitment to keep the same standard of living, and as I earned more at my job, I’d save more, instead of …