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7 Great Resources to Help you Grow an Online Business

Fishing for Ideas to Improve your Life, Istanbul

Fishing for Ideas to Improve your Life, Istanbul

Here are a few amazingly comprehensive resources that I have discovered that are important to anyone trying to build a blog or online business. All are completely free and will have a huge impact in your life and business.

Pat Flynn’s Niche Marketing Duel.

Pat is sharing, in incredible detail, exactly all the steps in finding a niche business idea and turning it into a profitable business. He already has a six figure passive income and is proving that his success is replicable.

Follow his progress right from choosing a topic. He shows how he got to the number one listing in Google in less than 3 months. His site made $151 from Google Adsense in November and $62 in October. This is after 4 months of part time effort.  Pat has plans to sell ebooks and other advertising that will definitely deliver much higher earnings. Start from the beginning and check out this series of posts. It really is amazing content that is completely free.

Interview with Media Sensation, Sean Aiken of

Sean Aiken's One Week Job

Sean Aiken’s One Week Job


Sean Aiken of, uncertain about what career choice to make after graduating university, decided to take job hopping to the extreme by trying 52 one week jobs. He has since managed to parlay the first website outlining his intentions into a book deal, speaking engagements, a documentary and an on-going project helping recent graduates try different jobs. Those of you reading my blog will likely know that I love a great idea; by that measure Sean Aiken is pure brilliance! He has proved that a good idea, talent and hard work can accomplish amazing things. Sean offers some background details about his success with the project in this interview.

How did ‘One Week Job’ get started?

When I was looking for a job, I saw all of these important sounding job titles but I had no idea what the job would actually be like. I was scared at the thought of committing to one, not liking it, and then feeling trapped in the position. In my last year at Capilano University, my dad gave me some advice on finding a career, he said, “Sean, it doesn’t matter what you do, just …

Interview with Pat Flynn, $200,000 per year in 15 minutes a day!

Interview with IttyBiz founder and Small Business Guru, Naomi Dunford

Interview with Naomi Dunford of IttyBiz

Interview with Naomi Dunford of

Whether you are interested in travel, lifestyle design, or competitive basket weaving, we all need to earn a living. There is no better source than Naomi Dunford of for making money from a small business. Naomi has managed to build a $200,000 a year business in just a couple of years. Part of her success stems from her ability to make great business content humorous and entertaining. Her blog posts always manage to get a few chuckles out of me. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did.

Please tell us a little about your history and how you started

I started IttyBiz in late 2007 after realizing I was completely unemployable. My son had just turned one and I didn’t want to send him to daycare. Plus, my earnings capacity at that time was basically zilcho. I knew if I was going to make any money, it was on my head.

The reason I started instead of or because there was a massive hole in the market when it came to marketing. People were giving big biz advice — advice to marketing executives at companies …

Interview with Internet Marketing Veteran, Samantha Milner

Interview with Location Independent Entrepreneur, Mike Henry

Digital Nomad, Mike Henry

Digital Nomad, Mike Henry

Mike Henry is a location independent entrepreneur who has been living and traveling Asia for more than a decade. He earns his income through several websites and he has experimented with many other online opportunities. Mike shares some details on living in Bali and and offers some lessons in making money online.

Where do you live?

I am currently living in Bali, where I just moved to and I have rented a house for the next six months. I spent most of 2007 just traveling around south east Asia and most of 2008 in China. If I like a place enough I tend to stay a few weeks and make frequent trips back. Before I started traveling full-time I lived in Japan for 10 years.

What are your approximate living costs to have a nomadic life?

My current rent is around US$210 a month for a 2 bedroom house in the north of Bali. The price includes electricity, water and cable television. Internet is a little expensive though at $100 a month for the fastest connection available here.

There aren’t a lot of western goods here, which is good in a way. We have been cooking …

6 Rising Internet Business Moguls to Watch

We all know the great internet successes; people like Leo Babauta of ZenHabits, Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV, Ramit Sethi of I Will Teach You to Be Rich, Steve Pavlina, Yaro Starak and Darren Rowse of ProBlogger. All are “killing it” now and have been for a while. They are truly in a different league than many of us just starting out. It can be difficult to learn from and follow the examples of these gurus because they started in different times and with different circumstances. The Internet is much different now then what it was just a few years ago. There is a big difference between having 100,000 or 100 subscribers to your blog. I feel more can be gained by modeling people who have started from nothing and are currently rising through the ranks.

Here are some up-and-comers who are really starting to make a splash but may not have the notoriety and income of some of the bigger players….yet. They are accomplishing great things because they are excelling at all the key ingredients for online success. I chose these people just because I stumble upon their names regularly and they are great …

Can You Make Money Blogging?

Is Blogging a Money Machine?

Is Blogging a Money Machine?

The idea of lifestyle design seems to be morphing into a “make easy passive income and get rich quick” scheme. People always seem to be hungry for short cuts to fame and fortune and there is no shortage of websites offering ebooks, membership programs and consulting on this topic. According to, there were 22.6 million bloggers in the US in 2007. The WallStreet Journal calls blogging, “America’s Newest Profession.” But can you really make a living doing it? Clearly, some are making some decent money and have the freedom to work anywhere in the world. However, you don’t have to look to far to find countless abandoned sites from bloggers that didn’t have the staying power.

Here are some opinions from top bloggers.

Steve Pavlina (How to Make Money from Your Blog)
Steve Pavlina starting making $4 per day after six months of starting his blog. At the end of 2006, it was making more than $1000 per day. In April 2006, the site had received over 1.1 million visitors and over 2.4 million page views. Adsense is his biggest income source, with donations coming second. He now has a best-selling book …

How do you Compete Against Experts

I Hate People Better Than Me!

I Hate People Better Than Me!

I hate Chris Guillebeau. Actually, it is more of a jealousy issue. He just published a great free PDF, on a topic very similar to what I am working on. The problem is that he did an amazing job and to make matters worse, he has lots of subscribers and followers who are spreading the word, including Seth Godin and Guy Kawasaki. I don’t really hate Chris, of course. I love his blog and have been following his work for a while now. He has just forced me to re-evaluate and adjust what I am doing.

How to Compete with Experts

A quick internet search will show that there is no shortage of competition for any business you may be thinking of. It is unlikely that anyone can have a truly unique idea anymore. Everything we do is building on the work of others, so don’t expect to find something unique. If you have thought about it so have hundreds or thousands of others.

That kind of competition is good. If others are out there making money from the same idea, it shows that there is an opportunity and a market. If there …

Freelance Your Way Around the World

I Can Make your Website!

I Can Make your Website!

There is a little nagging problem that interferes with the lives we really want to lead and that is MONEY. Most of us have to earn an income to survive and that is often the greatest barrier holding us back from moving to a new country or starting a new career. With ubiquitous internet access all over the globe, the “need to work” excuse is losing its meaning. We all have the potential to make a decent living with a computer, internet connection and our own skills and knowledge.

I think everyone should be working towards big ideas (Big Ideas Post 1, Big Ideas Post 2) with huge potential pay offs, maybe even the chance to change the world in some way. The problem is that it is also nice to eat and pay the bills along the way. One of the safest and most effective ways to earn money, improve your skills, gain experience and get noticed is to freelance; sell your skills and services online to other companies.

Almost any type of work can be outsourced now so there are no shortages of opportunities. You could be a virtual assistant,