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My Blog Still Sucks – Should I Start a New Site?

I recently wrote a post talking about all the deficiencies of this JetSetCitizen website. People are telling me that the name JetSetCitizen and the website structure itself, don’t really represent what I’m about. I’m now debating whether or not to start a new blog and start over with something that I feel will be more compelling to readers. I would love to hear your feedback about what would provide the most value for you.

Are Digital Nomad Interviews What you Want? is primarily focused on digital nomad interviews. Most people don’t seem to like reading or watching long interviews. Those posts continually get the least amount of shares and comments. My most popular posts have been on more personal topics highlighting my own journey and challenges.  Last year’s blog redesign have helped increase the number of daily subscribers, but compared to many of my peers, my message and content is still not resonating with most people.

Many people have told me that the name ‘jetsetcitizen’ doesn’t really represent my real focuses of anti-consumerism, doing good in the world and trying to create a substantial difference. I know I need a better story and should try to be more …

Why This Blog Sucks (and So Do Most Blogs)

Blogging in Thailand

I have been blogging on JetSetCitizen for more than 4 years now. After hundreds of blog posts, my readership and subscribers are still growing at a snail’s pace. I’ve seen many of my peers explode online in recent years, so what am I doing wrong?

My recent interview with Steve Kamb of really helped highlight what is lacking with this site. Steve told me about his own realization that his blog sucked and what he did to change it. now often gets 250 new subscribers per day and Steve Kamb is at the reigns of a rapidly growing fitness empire.

Why Do I Want Lots of Traffic?

Before getting into the details of how to get more traffic and subscribers to, I think it’s important to step back and ask why? I don’t want my life to be about competitively striving for more. A quality life is not about maximizing material possessions, experiences or online popularity. I don’t need a top blog to enjoy my life or find meaning and purpose. My life is pretty damn good now, so I want to be clear to myself that I’m not chasing superficial goals.

Do I need an A-list …

How to Start a Travel Blog – Step 1

This is the start of a new series on how to create a travel blog from absolutely zero. It’s aimed at complete novices, so you will not need any prior knowledge or skills to go through this content.  I’ve made a lot of mistakes with all my sites and blogs. This information is what I wish I knew in starting out and what I would do different now.

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Why You Shouldn’t Start a Travel Blog

I wrote about Why Travel Blogging is a Lousy Way to Make Money Online. I think most travel bloggers would agree that if your primary goal is to earn quick, easy money, then travel blogging is a terrible choice. Blogging takes a lot of time, effort and skills. Even then you will need to do it for years to build a substantial audience.

If you are only going to travel for a year or so, it probably would make more sense to work an extra part-time job or overtime hours to save money before you depart. You don’t want to spend your precious time abroad in internet cafes, behind a computer screen for some vague hope of generating an income from your travel blog. …

Why Travel Blogging is a Lousy Way to Earn Money Online

Travel Blogging

Making a full-time income from a travel blog is a goal of many new bloggers, but is it realistic? More importantly, are there easier and better ways to earn an income to fund a travel lifestyle?

Blogging is a great way to keep a personal diary of your trip and keep family and friends updated, however if your primary goal is to earn a full-time income to fund your travels indefinitely, a travel blog is probably not the way to go.

Making money from a travel blog is definitely possible. On this site, I’ve interviewed many people who have created very successful lifestyles for themselves. However, they are definitely the exception. That’s not to say that you can’t duplicate their business models, however, it is important that you have a business model to begin with.

Rather than starting with the idea, “I want to make money with my blog,” it’s much better to begin with, “I’m going to use my blog to drive traffic and generate sales leads for my business.”

Content marketing (quality, informative, niche targeted articles) is a great way to generate targeted leads and convert those leads to sales. Virtually every business should have a blog, but …

How to Really Make Money from a Travel Blog – An Overview of 14 of the Biggest Names in the Industry

Many aspiring digital nomads hope to fund their long-term global adventures with income generated from a travel blog. What could be better than doing what you love while traveling the world? The problem is that it is hard to make a living travel blogging, unless you do it right. Here are some examples of different permanent travelers who have a successful track record making money online.

Travel Blogging

Who is making money by travel blogging?

To start, I am going to combine lifestyle designers, digital nomads, location independents and travel bloggers all in the same group. While many don’t blog about travel exclusively, travel is certainly a major part of their lifestyle.

While it might be too simplistic to generalize, I am going to offer my opinion on why these bloggers have had such great results in the ‘Success Factors’ section following each person. There is no particular order to any of the information below.

Matt Kepnes – Ebooks, Affliate Sales

Matt Kepnes of Nomadic Matt has been traveling full-time since 2006. He funds his travels primarily through the sales of ebooks, but also has niche sites and affiliate sales offers.  He also is a best-selling author of How to Travel