Calgary River Rafting: Exploring the Canadian Wilderness


Living in Calgary and other large cities around the world, it can be easy to forget how much pristine wilderness the world still has to offer.  Canada, in particular, offers some of the most raw and unspoiled natural areas in the world. White water rafting tours from Calgary are one of the best ways to experience that wilderness.


What better way to explore the best of what Canada has to offer than rafting down the beautifully clean and sparkling waters of a Canadian river?  It’s all within reach and closer to home that you think, so prepare to be transported back to a pure, pristine and natural world.

Kananaskis River Rafting

Highwood River Rafting:

Tucked away in the city, we overlook that just an hour south of Calgary in Kananaskis, Alberta, is the best white water river rafting Alberta offers. An exciting one day excursion on the Highwood River is perfect for those with limited time yet a need to escape and enjoy the majesty of the Canadian wilderness. You’ll want to have your camera ready as you bump from rapid to rapid amidst bull trout, mountain goats and bighorn sheep. Halfway through the day, you might stop for a riverside lunch as you relax in the serene environment of Kananaskis Country.


Extended Rafting Tours from Calgary

If you have more time to play, you can choose to pack your bags for a longer trip. Paddling down the river for days on end, you’ll find yourself immersed in the natural wonders and wildlife for which Canada is so famous.

Camping After Rafting in Calgary

Ram River Rafting:

August or September is the perfect time to enjoy the Ram River, also just a quick jaunt from Calgary.  Breathtaking scenery through dramatic waterfalls and tight canyons delivers the beauty and thrills white water rafting is best known for.

Rafting along the Ram River, you’ll be engulfed in a forest of tamarack, spruce, birch and willow trees. For those who want to explore the spectacular beauty of the canyons, a side trip will have you scrambling through natural boulder gardens and rappelling up the side of spectacular waterfalls. As you bring each day’s adventure to an end, you can relax by the light and warmth of a campfire, while still taking in the evening sights and sounds as you share the adventures of your day.


Nass River Rafting:

August is a great month to navigate The Nass River Watershed. This northern sister of the Skeena River overflows with white water sizzling through picturesque, smooth black rock canyons. Massive in size, the Nass River offers big standing waves and bubbling whirlpools, making for an incredibly energizing ride. Bumping and twisting through exhilarating white water river rapids, you’ll enjoy the remote wilderness and abundant wildlife Mother Nature provides.

Tatshenshi River Rafting

Babine/Skeena River Rafting BC:

August is also an optimal month to raft the Babine River, touted as one of the last unspoiled river rafting trips in British Columbia. As you pilot down this “River of the Grizzlies,” you’ll journey through the lush forests of BC and navigate narrow, awe-inspiring canyons.

Surrounded by the remoteness of the Coast Mountain Range, you might meet “The Gitxsan,” known as “The People of the River Mist,” an indigenous people who have appreciated the natural wonder and beauty of the Babine/Skeena for centuries. You might even stop at a few villages, both abandoned and inhabited, where you can find artistic totems and immerse yourself in the legacy of the Gitxsan culture.

Alsek Lake Rafting Yukon

Tatshenshini River and Alsek Lake Rafting Yukon:

For those with even more time to spare, one of the longest white water rafting trips is comprised of glaciers and grizzlies. Rafting the Tatshenshini River and Alsek Lake will transport you back to the magnificence of the Ice Age, complete with glaciers, icebergs, wildflowers and wild life.

Snaking your way through the lush natural forests and magnificent canyons of the Yukon, you might stop to hike up to the flower-filled meadows on the higher slopes, take a stroll along a glacier and, later, pilot around some of the most remarkable glaciers in the world.

Time to Raft the River Wild

Your amazing Calgary white water river rafting expedition awaits. To answer the call of the wild, you might visit You’ll soon be on your way to experiencing the splendor of Canadian wilderness in the unspoiled regions of Alberta.

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