Dogs of Chiang Mai Photo Post

There are A LOT of dogs on the streets of Chiang Mai. Istanbul is a city of cats, but Chiang Mai definitely has the canine crowd covered. Many of the pictures here are of pets, often wearing clothes despite the heat. However, most dogs appear to be strays and are often in pretty rough shape. Many are left abandoned at temples or just stay in front of a business or house that provides food on a regular basis.

What these photographs don’t reveal is the heat of Thailand. Temperatures can get higher than 40 degrees Celsius and that means the dogs do a whole lot of nothing during the day. Most are just sprawled out in the shade to try and keep cool.

Retire Cheap Chiang Mai Thailand
Enjoy the photos.

Dogs in Chiang Mai


Dogs in Chiang Mai11


Dogs in Chiang Mai03


Dogs in Chiang Mai08

Dogs in Chiang Mai26


Dogs in Chiang Mai12


Dogs in Chiang Mai10


Dogs in Chiang Mai18


Dogs in Chiang Mai20

Dogs in Chiang Mai29


Dogs in Chiang Mai 34


Dogs in Chiang Mai23


Dogs in Chiang Mai05


Dogs in Chiang Mai19


Dogs in Chiang Mai25


Dogs in Chiang Mai


Dogs in Chiang Mai06


Dogs in Chiang Mai07


Dogs in Chiang Mai17


Dogs in Chiang Mai27


Dogs in Chiang Mai 32


Dogs in Chiang Mai 33


Dogs in Chiang Mai09


Dogs in Chiang Mai 01


Dogs in Chiang Mai31


Dogs in Chiang Mai24


Dogs in Chiang Mai04


Dogs in Chiang Mai15


Dogs in Chiang Mai30


Dogs in Chiang Mai28

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12 Responses to Dogs of Chiang Mai Photo Post

  1. Tina says:

    Could it be that the clothes indicate that those dogs have an owner, while dogs not wearing anything are actually stray?

    • John says:

      Yes, the ones wearing clothes definitely had owners. However, they were a small minority in the city. There are hundreds of stray dogs all over the city.

  2. James Clark says:

    Great roundup! I’m certain I have seen some of those dogs during my time in Chiang Mai.

  3. That sucks for the strays. Do people there generally treat the strays well?

    • John says:

      Hi Tim,

      Most of the dogs are in pretty rough shape. I know of at least one dog that was rescued before being killed for meat.

      There is a lot of food around, but they are drinking the bacteria laden street water which leads to various illnesses and other problems.

      No one touches or plays with the strays.

  4. Martha Woodward says:

    I am beginning the plans for a trip to Chaingmai to retire. One of my most important issue is bring my 2 small dogs who are my family. I lived in Guam for many years where stray dogs were the same as your photos. Are there community volunteers that help these animal? I would lie to be a part of such a group. Is this something expats do?

    • John says:

      Hi Martha,

      I volunteered at an orphanage that also takes care of about 40 or 50 dogs. It’s called Bahn Raum Jai, if you are interested in getting in touch.

      There are many volunteer opportunities in Chiang Mai, so I’m sure you won’t have difficulty finding needy organizations.

  5. stephen says:


    What are the rules for adopting a stray dog in Chiang Mai? I am sure if you started to feed a dog it would become your best friend quickly. How much does it cost to take a dog to a vet to get him/her a check up? In a land of Buddhist, I would imagine that taking care of your fellow sentient beings would be a way to generate some more virtue and good karma………. thanks

  6. Rebecca says:

    I have 2 keeshounds, each about 50 lbs.
    is walking your dogs a problem due to the strays? Are the Thai people generally pet friendly?
    If I needed to get them to a vet or somewhere for grooming, how would I get them there….can’t see them on a motor scooter!

  7. Soooo many dogs here.

    Perhaps a link to the care for dogs site would be beneficial to the readers 🙂 I volunteer there and they’re always looking for people to help out 🙂

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