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Eating in Montreal

Montreal is famous for many things. One of those is its top notch restaurant scene. While new restaurants pop up all the time that can change the landscape, there are local standards that aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. I asked a Montreal-based online travel company called FlightHub to help nail down five great restaurants with different price ranges. FlightHub reviews specifics for just about every destination, but I figured they were especially equipped to help me discover restaurants in their home city.

Cosmos – $0-$20

FlightHub’s top pick for a greasy, potato-filled breakfast. Cosmo’s has the look and feel of a hangover diner. The staff is aware of this and is always quick to make fun of you for it, but do it with a sensibility that lest you in on the joke. Aside from this, Cosmos has the best hash browns FlightHub has ever had, and specializes in all things breakfast. Best part, you will struggle to spend more than $20 here without leaving in a wheelbarrow.

Bombay Mahal – $20-$40

Located in the Park Ex area of Montreal, you will need to go a little out of your way for this spot. FlightHub says Bombay Mahal is usually packed, especially on Friday and Saturday nights, so its best to plan ahead if you want to enjoy some authentic Indian cuisine. Like Cosmos, Bombay Mahal is very affordable and also allows you to bring your own wine and beer.

Imadake – $40-$60

Wanna have a party? Go to Imadake. This raucous restaurant’s foundation is built with empty sake bottles, scattered chopsticks, and empty plates. FlightHub says Imadake’s authentic Japanese food experience is good, but the atmosphere is what makes it great saying you’ll be doing more than a few sake bombs before the night is over.

Balsam Inn – $60-$80

Their cuisine is a little all over the place, but Balsam Inn handles it with style. The highlight according to FlightHub is the fresh-baked breads made right in front of you. A little on the pricier side, FlightHub says the quality makes every dollar worth it at Balsam Inn. They added it is highly recommended for a date night.

Mythos – $80-$100

Unquestionably Greek, FlightHub says Mythos can sway from quiet dining to dance floor fuelled singalongs quickly. Featuring all the hits you would expect from a top notch Mediterranean menu, Mythos is best enjoyed when with a group so you can take advantage of their larger combos that will leave you stuffed and satisfied.

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