Create an Online Business to Fund your Dream Lifestyle

I get dozens of emails every month from people who’d love to quit their jobs, travel the world or do more volunteer or social good projects but they don’t know how to start.

I can help.

I have more than two decades of business experience and can save you a lot of time and mistakes in setting up and growing your online business.

I don’t believe in marketing hype or manipulative sales tactics, so I’m not going to trying to convince you buy my services.

Growing an online business takes hard work and focus. I can save you hundreds of hours of time and keep you accountable to achieving results, but this is not a magic pill.

You will be required to invest the time to build a business.

Don’t start a blog

Most people who contact me have a dream of starting a travel blog to fund their travel lifestyle. While it’s not impossible, I’ve interviewed dozens of people making it work, it is a lot of work for a relatively low return unless you become one of the top 1% of bloggers.

There are much better ways to grow a business or freelance your skills. Blogging is a good way to drive traffic to a business, but it’s rarely a business in itself. You need to find a business to focus on first.

I don’t know what business to start

I can help you come up with ideas based around your skills and interests, but you should start by learning everything you can about online businesses. There are some podcasts on this post that I highly recommend. Learn what others are doing and copy what works for them. Growing a business is not that hard once you find something you believe in and are good at.


If you are serious about growing a business, I’d love to help. You have to be committed to put in the work though. We all have a million excuses for not doing what we most want in life. I’ll help you through every step of the way, but make no mistake, I’m here to push and challenge you.

Private Business Coaching

I will only accept a few private business coaching clients. If you are interested please email me at john (at) jetsetcitizen (dot) com to set up a complimentary introductory session. This is for both of us. We both need to want to work together to maximize your benefits.


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