Can You Make Money Doing What You Love?

Your Dream Job?

Your Dream Job?

The simple answer is: YES! You can make money doing what you love. There are rock stars, professional athletes, artists, movie actors, entrepreneurs and countless others around the world doing what they love every single day. Is it possible to make a living with your dream? Absolutely! Anything is possible in this world. Is it likely that you will make a living doing fun, creative and interesting work? Unfortunately, … No.

Become the Prime Minister
I remember meeting the current prime minister of Canada, Stephen Harper back in my university days. Even back then he was professional, articulate and probably had the vision to develop a long political career. He was an advisor/assistant to the leader of a now defunct political party. With those connections and experience he become a local politician and kept working his way up the political ladder. Now some 15 years later, he is the leader of Canada. Stephen Harper didn’t become prime minister by accident or luck. It took a great deal hard work and years of volunteering before he started making an income and many more years of nurturing the right relationships.

Mediocre Efforts Get Mediocre Results
Most people will never make a living doing what they love most in the world. The simple reason is that they are not willing to work hard  enough. There will always be a  market for great art, music, books, poetry and movies. However, if you are only producing at a mediocre level you will have to learn to be satisfied with compliments from your mother and maybe some of your friends.

If you are willing to put in the monumental effort required for success in your dream occupation, all the power to you. Most people however, do not have the dedication to put in thousands and thousands of hours of work with little or no pay for a small chance at achieving stardom. This fact is sometimes hard for people to accept. President Obama did not get where he is by putting in four-hour-work weeks. High levels of success require high levels of effort. There are very, very few overnight success stories.

Live Your Dream…. Just don’t expect it to pay your rent
What does that mean for most of us? It means that we will need to make money doing … work. Never give up your dream. If you love to draw … draw. If you love to play music … by all means, keep doing that. You are just not likely to be compensated for your hobbies. I like to exercise, but I am never going to make money running. I like to eat good food and drink good wine, but they are not occupations. They are just hobbies. I also love to play guitar and to do graphic design. However, I have never made the commitment in those fields to earn a living. It was not impossible, just unlikely.

“Do what you love and the money will follow!
Many people love to watch TV, however it is unlikely that many are getting rich with that pursuit. A lot of people love to eat junk food, but I don’t think that pays so well. If you want to make money, it helps to love something that is likely to make money.  A love of web development, can provide a lucrative income. A love of reading will just bring you personal satisfaction. Not everything should be a job

Perhaps you just need to alter your expectations a little. If you love to play music, give music lessons on the side to earn a little extra money. If you want to be an author, consider outsourcing your services to blogs or businesses in need of  literary skills. An artist could do wall murals. You may never reach the pinnacle of your field but at least you are connected to the work you love.

The world doesn’t owe you a living for doing fun and creative work a few hours a day. You have to create value for others that they are willing to pay for. Sadly, no one wants to pay me to run or drink wine. I am not trying to deflate anyone’s goals or dreams. I truly believe that anything is possible for those willing to work hard enough. I just want to point out that the key word is WORK. Success takes effort. There are no get rich quick schemes. There will always be opportunities for those willing to sacrifice and commit. If you are looking for short cuts and easy paths t0 fame and fortune, don’t quit your day job.

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