Life Abroad is Easier Than it Looks

Here is my first video interview. (You may have to click the “Read More >>>” link at the end of the post to see the interview.)

Jun Loayza of interviewed me recently and asked me questions about what it is like to live abroad.

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Here is the blog post that Jun refers to in the interview:
Can you Retire for $500 per Month

Thanks again to Jun Loayza. Be sure to register your blog at , it brought my site lots of traffic. Also check out the blog for great interviews with bloggers in a variety of content areas.

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My name is John Bardos. My wife and I gave up our business, house and possessions in Japan to search for more meaning and fulfillment in our lives. We've discovered that a satisfying life is about rich experiences, quality relationships and meaningful contribution, NOT consumption.

5 Responses to Life Abroad is Easier Than it Looks

  1. Nate @ thewaythatyouwander says:

    Very good video! I definately learned some things from that interview so thanks for sharing this.

  2. Alan says:

    Wow, great interview! I echo Nate–learned a lot from watching this. Thanks for putting this up! Favorite line, “I thought it was going to be six months or so, but it ended up turning into 12 years.” Classic!

    • John says:

      Thanks Alan!

      Japan is a great country, don’t get me wrong. It is just that 12 years in one main location is a little too long.

  3. Kirsty says:

    I watched this interview last night and loved it, thanks! Jun is a great interviewed and I trolled through several of his videos, including yours. Best of luck with your business ventures!

  4. Greg Rollett says:

    Great interview. I love Jun’s style and how he gets you to react so naturally and really have fun with the talks. So much knowledge you have for this sort of lifestyle that I love to soak it all in.

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