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Earning enough income to fund your dream lifestyle is the number one priority of most people. For that very reason, there are countless ebooks, programs and other products for sale that promise to make your path to online riches quick and easy. Don’t believe any of it. If it were easy, the people selling the programs and ebooks would quietly rake in the cash, rather than shilling a constant stream of products. That is not to say that it is impossible. There are countless ways to make a lot of money online, but all involve a lot of work.

If you see long sales pages with glowing testimonials, limited time offers, lots of over-the-top testimonials and bonus offers that seem too good to be true, click away and give your wallet a break. There are fantastic online resources that teach anything you need to know for completely free.

Marketing guru, Seth Godin offers some great advice in his How to Make Money online post. Here are the first two points:

  1. The first step is to stop Googling things like, “how to make money online.” Not because you shouldn’t want to make money online, but because the stuff you’re going to find by doing that is going to help you lose money online. Sort of like asking a casino owner how to make money in Vegas…
  2. Don’t pay anyone for simple and proven instructions on how to achieve this goal. In particular, don’t pay anyone to teach you how to write or sell manuals or ebooks about how to make money online.
As usual, I completely agree with Seth Godin. Don’t look for short cuts and easy solutions. It is much better to start following people who are achieving the success you want and duplicate their tactics.
Here are some blogs and podcasts I recommend you start following religiously.

Lifestyle Business Podcast Four Great Podcasts to Help you Make Money Online

Lifestyle Business Podcast

Dan and Ian are based out of Bali and run a million dollar business selling all types of products and services. One of their main businesses is manufacturing cat furniture in China. They started the TropicalMBA which brings paid interns to Bali or the Philippines to work on cool projects and learn all about making money online. They also run the popular Dynamite Circle Forum where other online entrepreneurs can share ideas and network. These guys are all about growing businesses and are definitely people you should follow. Here is my interview with Dan.


SmartPassiveIncome Four Great Podcasts to Help you Make Money Online

Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn is a superstar in the make money online niche. He openly shares his income reports every month so you can see exactly how he makes his money, and he definitely makes money. He typically makes tens of thousands of dollars every month, mostly through affiliate sales. The best part of Smart Passive Income is that all the great content is completely free. Pat Flynn knows how to make money online, so he doesn’t need to sell products on how to make money online. His entire site is a fantastic learning resource. I highly recommend checking out his How to Build a Niche Site and The Backlinking Strategy that Works pages. They are fantastic resources for anyone looking to get more traffic to a website. Here is my interview with Pat.


BlogcastFM Four Great Podcasts to Help you Make Money Online  


Srinivas Rao has very extensive interviews with successful bloggers. He digs down deep to find out exactly what made their blogs popular and injects his own experiences. This is essential listening for bloggers. He has interviewed more than 200 people and many of them are the top bloggers in the world. Even if you are not interested in blogging, there is great advice for anyone marketing a business online.


AdsenseFlippers Four Great Podcasts to Help you Make Money Online


Justin Cooke and Joe Magnotti are two entrepreneurs based out of the Philippines who are building an online empire. Their business model centers around creating dozens of simple niche sites every month. They have developed highly efficient systems and processes to outsource the work to inexpensive overseas staff.

Unlike many of the spammy make money online sites, Justin and Joe give all their content away for free. It is a fantastic business model. The build awareness and trust with amazing content and make their money selling profitable niche websites.

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