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  • About – Learn more about this site and my path to location independence.
  • Interviews with Digital Nomads and Long-term travelers; a primary focus of the site. I uncover how people make their money online.
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  • One Year to a New Life – My wife and I made the decision to change countries and countries within a year. We did it and you can, too.
  • Teaching English Abroad is the fastest and easiest way to get set up in a foreign country. That’s how I started and many others as well. Here is an overview of exactly what to expect teaching in dozens of countries around the world.
  • Country Travel Information – the best posts from my favourite bloggers around the world all organized by country and city. Check here before you travel.
  • Make a Difference – Ultimately our lives are measured by the contribution we make to the world. What will you be remembered for?

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