Retire Cheap in Thailand

Retire Thailand Cheap

Thinking of Moving to or Retiring in Thailand?

You may have heard how inexpensive it can be to live or retire in tropical countries like Thailand, Indonesia or the Philippines, but it’s hard to believe everything you read on the Internet.

Wouldn’t it be great to ask questions to a local expat in the country right now?

You can with our new Live Cheap in Thailand consultation service. Ask any questions you want over Skype or email.

  • Arrive in the country without any surprises. 
  • Find the best places to live.
  • Get the most recent information on visa requirements and cross-border visa renewals.
  • Find out about medical services.
  • Learn about potential scams and other ways you’re likely to be taken advantage of.
  • How inexpensive can you really live in Thailand?

Get your questions answered and receive invaluable advice about living and retiring in Thailand.

All for only $89 per hour of a Skype call or an equivalent of email communications. That’s $40 off our regular price of $129.

Get on the ground advice and assistance on your upcoming trip to Thailand for one low price.

Only $89 for one hour of Skype or email communications.

If you want you questions answered by email, please ask them by responding to your purchase email.

If you’d prefer a Skype phone call, please allow for a couple of business days for us to respond to arrange a suitable time for the call.

Talk to you soon!


For a limited time, all new purchases will receive a complimentary copy of our upcoming Retire in Thailand for Cheap ebook, with a focus on Chiang Mai. A $39 value for free. It is not completed yet, but you’ll receive one of the first copies when it is done.Retire in Thailand for Cheap


Here is the preliminary outline of the Retire in Thailand for Cheap ebook:

Retire in Thailand for Cheap?

Greatest hits

  • Cost
  • Weather
  • Safety
  • Culture
  • Things to do

Retirement Visa

  • The first time
  • Renewal


Traveling to Thailand

Traveling in Thailand

Getting around Chiang Mai

Renting & Buying

  • Car
  • Motorbike
  • Getting a driver license
  • Taxis, Tuk-tuks & Songteaws


How to find a house, condo or apartment


  • House, condo, apartment
  • Contracts
  • Laws
  • Procedures


  • Condo
  • Laws
  • Procedures

Domestic Services


When Family Comes to Visit


  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Mental health
  • AA (and other support groups)

Comforts of Home

  • Western food
  • Restaurants
  • Supermarkets
  • Western entertainment

International organizations

  •  Rotary
  • Skall
  • Toastmasters
  • YMCA

Country Clubs

Golf Courses


Learning the Thai Language

  • Schools
  • Private tutors
  • Online resources

The Thai People

  • Communication
  • Principles of Thai Culture
  • Being a Part of the Community

Laws and customs

Keeping busy

  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Working
  • Jobs for retirees


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