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Everything you wanted to know about Niche Sites with Joe and Justin from AdsenseFlippers

How many times have you heard that a “blog is not a business?” Most bloggers seem to start a site with some vague hope of monetizing in the future. A much better approach is to create a business and use the website to generate customers. A blog is a fantastic way to generate awareness, drive targeted search engine optimized traffic and build trust with your audience. There is no better example of blogging to grow a business than AdsenseFlippers.com. Justin Cooke and Joe Magnotti have quickly become the trusted source of quality content in niche marketing. They have done this by giving away all of their amazing content for free and sharing detailed income reports, all the while creating a profitable business selling the sites they create.

Even if you are not interested in building niche websites, AdsenseFlippers offers great insights into keyword research, search engine optimization, structured business processes and outsourcing, skills critical to any blogger or online business. Justin and Joe offer a fantastic introduction into niche site creation and life in the Philippines in this interview. Be sure to go to their site to download the free niche site ebook and subscribe to their podcast. …