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Location Independent Update From Australia

Australia TravelGreetings we are in Melbourne, Australia now, waiting to go to Sydney this afternoon.  I wanted to give a quick update, because I will probably be offline for the next few days again.

Australia – Natural Paradise

We just spent a couple of weeks with my cousin on Bribie Island. We were absolutely thrilled to do nothing in this small resort town. Ocean-side walks, clean air, abundant wildlife and the sound of nature are a welcome respite, after the pollution, noise and overall insanity of Bangkok. We were different people there.

The Most Expensive Country in the World

We are really surprised at how expensive Australia is. Restaurants, hotels and transportation cost a fortune and you generally get pretty mediocre quality and service. Many people believe that Japan is expensive, they should visit Australia. A $20 entree is a great meal with fantastic service in Japan. In Australia, it is a basic dish.


I hate travel again. I love being in new places but all the moving around is too much. I am looking to settling down for the summer in Calgary. We are having a great time, but I just want to be in one place for …