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Interview with Dutch Digital Nomad, André Gussekloo

I’ve mentioned many times before that the best part of living a digital nomad lifestyle, is all the great people you meet. In Chiang Mai, Motoko and I had the opportunity to meet up with André Gussekloo and his girl friend Marta many times over the last few months. André is a dutch SEO consultant but has recently got into Kindle publishing in a big way. He is now making $1000 per month in passive income from books that he outsources the writing for. Enjoy the interview.

Digital Nomad Andre Gussekloo

Please tell us about yourself?

I was born in the Netherlands in 1980 a spent a large part of my youth flipping through travel guides in my local library. I graduated from armchair travel when I went backpacking through Australia in 1999. The Working Holiday Visa program allowed me to see the country while working odd jobs.

I remember watching the Leonardo Di Caprio movie, The Beach in a cinema Down Under and thinking I should check out Thailand. After returning to the Netherlands I decided to study International Tourism Management & Consultancy. The highlight of the course was an six-month internship in the Solomon Islands.

I met my Spanish girlfriend –Marta– …

Interview with Karen van der Zee – Long-Term Expat and Author of 34 Books

Author Karen van der Zee - AKA Miss Footloose

Every thought of writing a book? Karen van der Zee has 34 published books now with more on the way. She has a gift for telling great stories, which most bloggers, including myself can learn a lot from. Karen talks about how the publishing industry has changed over the years, living around the world and gives some writing advice in this fantastic interview.

Please tell us about yourself?

Hello dear readers, I am Miss Footloose, aka Karen van der Zee. I hail from the Netherlands, land of wooden shoes, dikes, bikes, windmills, and cheese, aka Holland. I never owned a pair of wooden shoes, but I did possess a bike or two and I ate and eat plenty of cheese. I am a writer and my husband is an agricultural development economist and works on foreign aid projects in developing countries. Right now we live in Moldova, Eastern Europe.

Please tell us about your travel background?

My first expat experience was as a foreign exchange student to the US where I lived with a family for a year and was introduced to life as a teenager in an American high school. Talk about culture shock. Later I met my American …