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8 Reasons why Backpackers Shouldn’t Use Backpacks

Backpacking with a backpack is crazy

Backpacking with a backpack is crazy

I don’t understand why anyone would travel with a backpack. That’s such a barbaric way to travel, especially if you are traveling long-term. A good hard shell suitcase like my Samsonsite is far more convenient and effective and here are 8 reasons why.

1. Why carry a backpack when you can roll your gear?

It’s insane to carry heavy stuff on your back when you can easily roll everything. It’s not like most backpackers are trekking through mountain trails. For the times you are trekking, you don’t need a full-size backpack anyway.

The huge wheels on my Samsonite make it easy to roll over any terrain. When I was younger, I didn’t mind carrying stuff on my back. Unfortunately, my shoulders and neck don’t like that punishment anymore.

2. You can’t carry your backpack on board anyway.

With stricter carry-on luggage limits, most backpacks will have to be checked in anyway. A good hard shell suitcase is more durable and will protect your belongings much more effectively.

3. You already have a computer bag, you don’t need to carry two backpacks.

Almost every long-term traveler has a separate carry-on backpack for their computer, camera …