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How to Really Make Money from a Travel Blog – An Overview of 14 of the Biggest Names in the Industry

Many aspiring digital nomads hope to fund their long-term global adventures with income generated from a travel blog. What could be better than doing what you love while traveling the world? The problem is that it is hard to make a living travel blogging, unless you do it right. Here are some examples of different permanent travelers who have a successful track record making money online.

Travel Blogging

Who is making money by travel blogging?

To start, I am going to combine lifestyle designers, digital nomads, location independents and travel bloggers all in the same group. While many don’t blog about travel exclusively, travel is certainly a major part of their lifestyle.

While it might be too simplistic to generalize, I am going to offer my opinion on why these bloggers have had such great results in the ‘Success Factors’ section following each person. There is no particular order to any of the information below.

Matt Kepnes – Ebooks, Affliate Sales

Matt Kepnes of Nomadic Matt has been traveling full-time since 2006. He funds his travels primarily through the sales of ebooks, but also has niche sites and affiliate sales offers.  He also is a best-selling author of How to Travel