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Interview with HoboCEO Chris Kirkland of Artweb

We are in the midst of a digital nomad revolution. The opportunity to live in low-cost foreign locales, while building businesses that reach the world has never been easier. There are already thousands of location independent startups roaming the globe, but this is only the beginning. Massively reduced living and business costs combined with endless opportunities to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs are a strategic advantage that traditional startups can no longer afford to ignore. No one epitomizes the new jetset citizen lifestyle better than HoboCEO, Chris Kirkland of Artweb.com. I had the great fortune to meet up with Chris in Thailand and Japan recently. He shares his story in this interview.

Chris Kirkland HoboCEO of Artweb.com

 Please tell us about yourself?

Born in the UK, moved city three times before I was even 18, so perhaps a little bit of the hobo in me from an early age. I left home at 17 and have been pretty much financially independent ever since. I studied Mathematics at university, however study is perhaps the wrong verb since I spent most of the 3 years with my face cello-taped to a bong, in band rehearsals and whilst (relatively) sober organising the Uni Amnesty International group.

Skipping on the …

Interview with World Traveler and Berlin Expat, Adam Groffman

With Germany’s forward thinking Freelancer Work Visa and inexpensive living costs in the creative and culturally rich city of Berlin, there is only one digital nomad headquarters in Europe. Increasing numbers of travellers are falling in love with Berlin and making this city their homebase. After a round-the-world trip, designer and blogger Adam Groffman couldn’t resist the pull of Berlin and has relocated there. In this interview, he shares what makes Berlin such a great city, shares his travel experiences and explains how he funds his expat lifestyle.

Travels of Adam - Adam GroffmanWhat made you want to quit your job to travel around the world?

I grew up in Texas but went to school and lived in Boston for a while. I studied communications with a focus on advertising (though I’d initially started my studies as a journalism student), but actually worked in the book publishing industry right out of college doing graphic design. I studied abroad twice while at university and that always made me want to live abroad. In 2009, I realized it’d been years since I traveled abroad so a friend and I planned a weekend trip to Iceland. Neither of us had any spare vacation time, so we planned the …

Interview with Berlin Expat, Ryan from JetsLikeTaxis

Berlin is one of my favorite cities. The clash between east and west has been a perfect breeding ground for art, culture and everything that makes a city cool. Ryan and Ang from JetsLikeTaxis.com decided to make Berlin home. They share what they like about this one of a kind city and provide some details about their unique business model. They have managed to run a physical business making custom T-shirts back home with the help of friends and family, while they live abroad. With the over-saturation of online information products, I believe that selling physical products is likely to prove to be a more stable source of long-term income. Germany also offers some unique opportunities for freelance and business visas for longer stays. With  Schengen visa limits of 90 days out of every 180 in the EU, freelance work visas provide a relatively easy way for digital nomads to spend more time in Europe.


Please tell us about your background?

Heyo! Ryan from Jets Like Taxis, here. Ang and the dog are somewhere around here, but are apparently letting me yammer on for this one. So, I suppose they say ‘hi’ as well.

Right then. Where it all began. …