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Interview with Digital Nomad and Social Anxiety Coach Sebastiaan Van Der Schrier

Perhaps the best part of a digital nomad lifestyle is the opportunity to meet up with like-minded people all over the world. One of the better friends I’ve made in the last year is Sebastiaan Van Der Schrier. His business is helping people overcome social anxiety disorders through his products and Skype based coaching. Sebastiaan talks about his experiences living around the world and how he built the online business that funds his travel lifestyle.

This was an important interview for me because I also suffer from various social anxieties. Talking on video, meeting large groups of people and public speaking can be very stressful and difficult for me. Sebastiaan took me through a two-hour coaching session and I think it helped a lot. I’ll make some more comments on his coaching below.

Social Anxiety Coach Sebastiaan Van Der Schrier

Sebastiaan Tells Us

  • Where he has travelled over the last decade.
  • Why he didn’t like living in Bali.
  • How he initially funded his permanent travel lifestyle.
  • How he built a successful online business even though he made a lot of mistakes along the way.
  • How he learned the skills to become a social anxiety coach.
  • How much passive income he earns every month, even though he doesn’t

Start a Blog Before the End of the World

I’m sure most of you are running around in a panic because of the end of the world, but on the small chance it doesn’t end, this is another great day to finally make some progress on that website or blog you have been thinking about. HostGator is offering another 50% off promotion for today only. (December 21st) That means you can have your own website for as little as $2.48 per month.

For about $10 per year for a domain name and a few dollars per month for web hosting, you can have your own website. It’s very easy to get started, but if you need help, I will help you get started at no charge.

The Hatchling Plan is the cheapest (from $2.48 per month), but that only allows you to have one domain main. I recommend the Baby Plan (from $3.98 per month, because it offers unlimited websites. You can get the 50% discount for up to three years if you purchase today.

Click the Image below to go to the HostGator site.

HostGator Webhosting

Sometime today the discount is going to go up to 75% for two hours, however Hostgator isn’t publicizing when that will be. 

Bonus 1

Everything you wanted to know about Niche Sites with Joe and Justin from AdsenseFlippers

How many times have you heard that a “blog is not a business?” Most bloggers seem to start a site with some vague hope of monetizing in the future. A much better approach is to create a business and use the website to generate customers. A blog is a fantastic way to generate awareness, drive targeted search engine optimized traffic and build trust with your audience. There is no better example of blogging to grow a business than AdsenseFlippers.com. Justin Cooke and Joe Magnotti have quickly become the trusted source of quality content in niche marketing. They have done this by giving away all of their amazing content for free and sharing detailed income reports, all the while creating a profitable business selling the sites they create.

Even if you are not interested in building niche websites, AdsenseFlippers offers great insights into keyword research, search engine optimization, structured business processes and outsourcing, skills critical to any blogger or online business. Justin and Joe offer a fantastic introduction into niche site creation and life in the Philippines in this interview. Be sure to go to their site to download the free niche site ebook and subscribe to their podcast. …

Four Great Podcasts to Help you Make Money Online

Interview with Serial Entrepreneur Jun Loayza of RewardMe

Today’s interview is a little different, because it is probably the only one I’ve done that is not with a long-term traveller. Jun Loayza is a consumate entrepreneur that has been hustling his ass off for as long as I’ve know him. He talks about what it takes to build larger companies and gives an intimate look into the profitable lifestyle business he is working on with his girlfriend. Jun has plans for a more nomadic future, but for now it is all about growing the businesses.

Jun Loayza

Please tell us about yourself

My name is Jun Loayza and I’m the Co-Founder of RewardMe, a customer loyalty platform startup based in Silicon Valley, CA. I graduated from UCLA back in 2007 with a degree in Economics and Philosophy.

Post-graduation, I joined a corporate finance consulting firm in downtown Los Angeles: I wore a suit and tie and had to fill out time sheets (the legit corporate lifestyle). But the corporate job just wasn’t for me – I felt confined, uninspired, and day-dreamed constantly about building and running my own company.

3 months in, I abruptly quit my corporate job to build a startup with my friends from college.

During the …

Interview with Location Independent Entrepreneur and the Bali Project Getaway Organizer Tom Huges

Social media is great for connecting with people, but nothing beats face-to-face, real world meet ups. The best part of a travel lifestyle is all the great people you meet. I had the good fortune to meet Tom Huges and his lovely partner Lieve in Chiang Mai, Thailand earlier this year. Tom and Lieve are now in Bali organizing this September’s Project Getaway. It is a one month entrepreneurial retreat/incubator/conference/seminar/working holiday in a tropical paradise. Events like this are a fantastic way to jump start your business and make lifelong connections with like-minded business people.

In this interview, Tom explains exactly what you can expect at the next Project Getaway, as well as provides some great details into his own businesses and travel expenses. Like most of us, Tom and Lieve are still struggling to build their dream business, but they appear to be having the time of their lives while doing it.

Tom and Lieve in Bali

What is Project Getaway?

Project Getaway is an event for adventurous entrepreneurs to live, work and have lots of fun, while inspiring and learning from each other. The event will be held from the 16th of September until the 16th of October in several luxurious villas in …

Travel the World without Flying – Interview with Niall Doherty

Niall Doherty

My favourite new blog to read is Disrupting the Rabblement by Niall Doherty. Niall offers comprehensive, well-thought-out posts with a level of transparency and honesty that are definitely rare in this age of mass-market consumerism and news sound bites. Niall also happens to be the first person that I have discovered that is travelling the world without flying. I am thrilled to have this opportunity to interview him.

Side Note: I highly recommend Niall’s blog for anyone interested in living a better life. It is also a great example of how to blog successfully on any subject. Niall is definitely a rising star in the lifestyle design niche. Here are some ideas to copy for your own site:

Success online takes a lot of hard work and Niall Doherty is definitely willing to put in the effort.

Here is the interview.

Please tell us about yourself.

I’m 30 years old, born and raised in Ireland. Before …

Interview with Digital Nomads from Never Ending Voyage

Interview with Location Independent Entrepreneur, Michael Bodekaer

Michael Bodekaer of Project Getaway
A key success factor, both personally and in business, is the ability to connect with like minded people.  It is great to virtually interact with and support our peers but nothing compares to real world meet ups. To bring lifestyle design focused entrepreneurs together,  Michael Bodekaer has created Project Getaway, a tropical paradise retreat in Bali, Indonesia. He talks about his lifestyle and businesses in this interview.

Please tell us a little about your background?

I’m a tech-geek, adrenaline junkie and entrepreneur who got tired of 9-5 day-jobs and decided to be my own boss. I love kite-surfing, wakeboarding and world travel, and have managed to start/run a few online businesses that allow me to live life how it is supposed to be lived 🙂

While traveling around the world I often missed the community feel and creativity that comes from working with fun, inspirational and like-minded people, but what I didn’t miss were the timesheets, managers and meetings.

So instead of going back into an office, I decided to try to bring inspirational people out of offices and into exotic environments by starting Project Getaway.

How long have you been living in Indonesia?

I’ve been living in beautiful …

Interview with Successful Nomadic Entrepreneur, Dan Andrews

Dan Andrews Digital Nomad from  TropicalMBA.comI am a huge fan of great, simple ideas. When I first heard of the TropicalMBA, I thought it was a brilliant concept with lots of potential. Just the name alone, conveys all the information you need to know. What better way to learn about business, then interning with a successful entrepreneur in an exotic country? In this interview, Dan Andrew talks about how he started the TropicalMBA, how he makes money and gives advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Please tell us about yourself

After studying philosophy in college, I sort of blindly jumped in to business because I assumed that business guys had a lot of freedom in terms of how they spent their time and where they can be located. I didn’t really have a plan, but in retrospect I think I was right about the business thing. Being an entrepreneur allows me a great deal of freedom in how I spend my time and I also get to be creative, which is really important to me.

It took me a little while to figure out how to get the kind of freedom I was looking for. I started my business in 2007, basically the day after …