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Interview with Self-taught, Professional Artist Alex Mathers

In our world of endless opportunities, it can be very difficult to discover a single passion and turn it into a viable career. Alex Mathers of RedLemonClub.com , is one of those rare individuals that managed to create his dream career, starting from essentially zero.

Back in 2006, Alex decided to actively pursue his interest in art by taking online video tutorials in Adobe Illustrator. After a couple of weeks of learning and practice he started uploading his illustrations to the stock photo site iStockPhoto.com. While the majority of his illustrations were rejected, the process allowed him to further refine his skills, determine what the market was purchasing and hone in on his own unique style.

On top of his successful illustration career, Alex is also extremely popular on social media, is a popular blogger and has published four ebooks. In the interview, he shares how he started his illustration career, offers advice with blogging and shares how he got more than 80,000 Twitter followers.

Enjoy the interview. There are many great takeaways applicable to all online entrepreneurs.

Interview with Alex Mathers

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Freelancing on Odesk – Interview with Bernard Vukas

Despite my constant admonitions about blogging being a lousy way to earn money online, most digital nomad wannabes want to focus on starting a blog. A much faster and more reliable way of earning an online income is to freelance your skills. In this interview, top oDesk.com freelancer, Bernard Vukas shares his story about how he went from earning $10 an hour to $150 per hour in four years. His oDesk success has enabled him to live an idyllic digital nomad lifestyle, earning world-class wages while living in inexpensive countries.

I’ve been outsourcing work for close to a decade on sites like oDesk, eLance and GetaCoder. Like Bernard, oDesk has become my favourite site as well. Browsing through the job postings often scares freelancers off because the rates offered tend to be ridiculously low. However, I’ve seen great workers get rewarded with higher hourly wages over and over again. Bernard Vukas is a perfect example of this. It’s not uncommon to see quality freelancers increase their rates by more than a 1000% as they get more experience and positive ratings. It can be difficult to get started with freelancing, but the opportunities are definitely there. Enjoy the interview.

Bernard Vukas Odesk Freelancing