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Interview with the House Sitting Couple

Interested in getting free accommodations while you travel the world? House sitting may be the answer. However, it’s not always easy to find the first housesits before you have built up references and a track record. James and Jenna of TheHouseSittingCouple.com show how they started in this interview and provide a step-by-step plan to get you started in house sitting. There is some great advice here. I love how they created a dedicated website to market themselves as house sitters.

James and Jemma the House Sitting Couple

the House Sitting Couple

Please tell us about yourselves?

We’re both Celts 🙂 James grew up in Cork in the south of Ireland and Jemma grew up in Edinburgh in Scotland. We met in Edinburgh where when we both worked for a small media agency in a ‘trendy’ part of the city called Leith. If you’ve seen Trainspotting or better yet read the book, you’ll recognise the name. Don’t worry, by the time we were working there it had evolved from a junkie paradise to a yuppie paradise, so it was quite a pleasant place to live and work for a while. We didn’t get together then but kept in contact and somewhere along the line James managed to woo …

Expert House-Sitting Advice from Author Teresa Roberts

Finding comfortable and affordable accommodations is one of the most difficult aspects of long-term travel. What if you could find quality, furnished apartments and stay for free? House sitting might be the answer. Professional house sitter, Teresa Roberts, author of the book Finding the Gypsy In Me – Tales of An International House Sitter, shares her experiences house sitting around the world in this interview.

House Sitting Teresa Roberts

Please tell us a little about your background?

I was born and raised in the United States. I sort of grew up on the road. You might say that I inherited the gypsy blood from my father. Most of my adult life, I lived in the state of Maine. That is where I raised my two kids. For about fifty years, I was in school. That’s the truth! I was either a student, a classroom teacher, or a principal of an elementary school. No matter which category, I have been on the school schedule for most of my life. I made a decision not too long after my youngest graduated from college to retire early. I was fifty-four years old. I actually still enjoyed my career as an educator at that point, but I had …