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Do You Care About Human Trafficking?

Human Trafficking Story

Recently, I’ve been writing about the great opportunity and abundance those of us from wealthier countries enjoy. One key question that came out of those ideas was, If money were not a problem, what would you do with your time? Ben Randall of The Human, Earth Project is a perfect example of what I hope the answer to that question will be.

What Would You Do if a Friend were Kidnapped?

Several years ago Ben was teaching English in Northern Vietnam. He befriended many locals, including a 15-year-old girl called M. (We’ve hidden her name to protect her identity. There is still a real danger to her, her family and the film makers.)

After leaving Asia, Ben found out that M was abducted and trafficked to China. It’s most likely that she’s been forced into marriage, or sold into the sex trade.

Those are the facts. Facts are easy to ignore. We’re good at ignoring what we should do for the sake of our own convenience. Caring takes work, and it’s our natural tendency to do as little as possible.

So, What Would You Do?

What would you do if you were in Ben Randall’s position? You probably have …

Kidnapped in Vietnam – Help Ben Randall Find His Friend M

What would you do if someone you’ve met and befriended on your travels was later kidnapped and trafficked to another country? Ben Randall is on a quest to discover what happened to his Vietnamese friend M and bring attention to human trafficking in the world.

I recently met up with  Ben and his cameraman, Moreno Paulon in Thailand to learn about their documentary project to bring attention to the plight of the victims of human trafficking and their search for M. This is an incredibly inspiring story of two people on a journey to make a difference the best way they know how.

They quit their jobs and are using their own savings to fund their travels and filming. It’s a great example of how much power all of us have to make a real difference in the world, if only we have the courage to stand up for what is right.

Please take a moment to watch the interview, then go and visit their website to learn more about the world changing work they are doing.

Ben and Moreno are currently putting the finishing touches on a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to finish their documentary. Anything you can …