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9 Medical Tourism Myths Exposed

Medical TourismMy wife and I have had doctor and dental visits in five different countries now. After some initial apprehensions, we have gotten pretty comfortable visiting foreign medical professionals. Not every country offers the same level of quality, but you might be surprised at the service you can get abroad for very little money.

In Canada, just getting a dentist to look in your mouth for a few minutes will likely cost you $60 or $70. In Thailand, that will get you two hours of a dental specialist’s time. Your home doctor will probably warn you of the dangers of venturing abroad for medical services, but are those criticisms valid?

Myth 1 – Western doctors are better.

I have visited lousy dentists and doctors in very developed countries and great ones in less advanced countries. Sure some countries should be avoided, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your country’s doctors are always superior. If you can afford private doctors in the top U.S. hospitals, you will likely get some of the best medical care in the world. If you are going to lessor known, public hospitals you will likely get a standard of care that is comparable to most other countries in …

Photos of Budapest, My Favourite City

Budapest is definitely one of my favourite cities in the world. It has the same appeal as other major European capitals but at a fraction of the price.

Travel Hungary

The Danube

Budapest Cafe Culture

My wife and I are huge cafe fanatics and Budapest definitely doesn’t disappoint. The franchises are starting to invade, but for the most part, cafes and restaurants remain one-off unique establishments with real personalities. Most have breakfast and lunch specials where you can get a full meal with a good coffee for US$4 to $8. Hungary is definitely one of the best countries in the world to eat out. The quality and service relative to price are difficult to beat.

Hungary is Wine Country

With smaller traditional vineyards in areas like Eger, Villany and Tokaj, Hungary doesn’t produce the quantity of wine necessary for large international buyers. That means that great wine can be purchased relatively inexpensively. I am no wine expert, but I would venture to say that comparable wine of richer countries like France or Italy can be purchased for one quarter the price in Hungary. Buying directly from local wine cellars offers the best deals. If you are a wine traveler, Hungary is a …

Long-term Backpacking in Europe is Dead!

We are looking for a new home after being forced to leave Europe

We are looking for a new home after being forced to leave Europe

Our six to eight months plans of travel in Europe have just been cut down to less than three months. With the Schengen agreement in the European Union, non-EU citizens are only allowed to be in Europe for a total of 90 days.

Admittedly it is my fault for not researching thoroughly prior to coming to Europe but we expected that we could just travel to another country once our tourist visas expired in each country. Unfortunately, we will have to leave the Schengen region entirely and stay out for 90 days before we can return. That means we only have about 7 weeks left in Europe. 🙁

I have discovered several travelers that have over-stayed the 90 days without repercussions but the risks are too large. We could be banned from the EU, face fines, imprisonment or even be deported to our home countries. The last one wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that my wife and I are from different countries.

I am looking into possibilities to extend our stay such as going to a language school and I have always wanted to …

Goodbye Hungary – Traditional Cultures are Disappearing Fast

Hungarian Goulash on an Open Fire

Hungarian Goulash on an Open Fire

Motoko and I have made it to Hungary. Hungary is my father’s home country and I still have a lot of family here. I first visited when I was 5 years old and have returned many times. It really is astonishing how rapidly the country has developed in my lifetime.

Hungary in the Good Old Days

Some thirty plus years ago, Hungary was still in control of the communist U.S.S.R. This meant severe restrictions on everything we take for granted. It was impossible to travel to western countries because passports were only valid for communist block countries.

My father escaped in the 1956 revolution. Even though his escape wasn’t politically motivated, deserters were still viewed as traitors for a long time. It was 18 years before he was able to return to visit his family.

In order to buy a car, you had to pay a sizeable downpayment and apply for a number which indicated your order in the queue. The list of numbers was published in the Sunday newspaper so that everyone could track how long it would take to get a car. My uncle had to wait for six years in order …