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Interview with Professional Photographer, Daniel Nahabedian

Remember back to a time when cameras needed film and it cost a small fortune to develop photographs? Obviously, the digital revolution has made it is easier and cheaper than ever to take photographs. That also means that earning a living as a photographer is far more competitive and difficult. In my first interview with a professional photographer, self-taught Daniel Nahabedian shares how he learned to handle a camera and the steps he took to turn his passion into a career.

Daniel Nahabedian

Please tell us about your background?

This is not a simple question. I’m a Armenian guy, born in Lebanon, raised in the UAE with a French passport, living in Thailand and speaking almost 6 languages.

I left the UAE after school to study Law in Toulouse, France, where I stayed for 7 years before returning back to Abu Dhabi. I settled for a boring job in HR for about 5 years, longing to escape every day.

Luckily, I discovered a passion with photography that kept me curious and creative. In 2008, I had my first real taste of travel after I went backpacking in Ireland and Iceland. The following year, after walking about 2000km on the Camino de Santiago

Interview with Location Independent Entrepreneur and the Bali Project Getaway Organizer Tom Huges

Social media is great for connecting with people, but nothing beats face-to-face, real world meet ups. The best part of a travel lifestyle is all the great people you meet. I had the good fortune to meet Tom Huges and his lovely partner Lieve in Chiang Mai, Thailand earlier this year. Tom and Lieve are now in Bali organizing this September’s Project Getaway. It is a one month entrepreneurial retreat/incubator/conference/seminar/working holiday in a tropical paradise. Events like this are a fantastic way to jump start your business and make lifelong connections with like-minded business people.

In this interview, Tom explains exactly what you can expect at the next Project Getaway, as well as provides some great details into his own businesses and travel expenses. Like most of us, Tom and Lieve are still struggling to build their dream business, but they appear to be having the time of their lives while doing it.

Tom and Lieve in Bali

What is Project Getaway?

Project Getaway is an event for adventurous entrepreneurs to live, work and have lots of fun, while inspiring and learning from each other. The event will be held from the 16th of September until the 16th of October in several luxurious villas in …

Teach English to Travel the World: Interview with 2 Nomads – 1 Narrative

2 Nomads 1 Narrative

Mt. Everest Base Camp

Looking to explore the world, but don’t have the bank account to match your ambitions? Consider teaching English. It is the fastest and easiest way to go abroad and you don’t need special qualifications other than a university degree. Nicky Wetzelberger and Rhys Farrow, have funded their travel bug by teaching English in both Korea and Vietnam. They share their experiences and offer advice in this interview.

Please tell us about your travel background?

I’m Nicky and have been traveling alongside my boyfriend Rhys for the past 2 years. We left home in 2009 with a one way ticket to Bangkok and traveled all over South East Asia for 3.5 months before moving to South Korea to teach English. We finished our one year contracts for public schools in Ulsan before hitting the road again through India for nine weeks and then on to Nepal for a month. We are currently living and working in Ho Chi Minh City, teaching and traveling once again, but this time in Vietnam.

What was the impetus to move abroad?

Our Trans-Atlantic relationship wouldn’t allow us to do anything besides move away and travel the world together. I am from …

JetSetCitizen Manifesto

I have been wanting to create an infographic manifesto for a long time. This is how I summarize the main concepts I want to promote on JetSetCitizen.

Chiang Mai – The Digital Nomad Capital of the World

Chiang Mai Thailand

My wife and I have finally gotten settled in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We spent a few days in Bangkok and are now going to stay here for 7 weeks before heading to Australia.

It has been about 6 years since we have been to Thailand, but this is first time we made the trip up north to Chiang Mai.

Why Chiang Mai is Popular for Retirees, Expats and Long-term Travellers

Every long term traveller makes it to Chiang Mai sooner or later, and for good reasons. Great food, great weather and great prices make it a hard city to top.

At only 1.6 million people, Chiang Mai is a little tamer than the raucous streets of Bangkok and its 9.1 million inhabitants. The lack of any public transportation system keeps the traffic a little crazy, but it is also possible to escape to the mountains or to nearby towns.

Chiang Mai Living Expenses

There is no denying that the cost of living is a huge factor in attracting foreign visitors and retirees. My wife and I have an hotel style apartment for $360 per month. My uncle is renting a three bedroom house outside the city for only $200. I …

Interview with Long Term Traveller, Expat and English Teacher – Nomadic Samuel Jeffery

I have said it many times before, teaching English abroad is a great away to see the world. Having a secure income and an employer that helps you get set up in a foreign country takes away most of the risk and expense of moving abroad. Samuel Jeffery of NomadicSamuel.com has used teaching English in Korea as a spring board to live abroad for 6 years and travel the world. In this interview, he talks about what it is like to teach English in Korea and provides some insight into his travels, website and future plans.

Nomadic Samuel Jeffery - Teach English Abroad

Please tell us about your travels.

I’ve now been abroad for six consecutive years alternating between teaching English in Korea and backpacking around Asia and the Americas.  I decided to go abroad for the first time after I became an ESL tutor on campus as a university student.  I became close friends with my students and the seeds of teaching and travelling abroad were firmly planted around this time.

Where are you now?

I’m currently in a transitional phase visiting family at home in Fredericton, Canada. I’m considering teaching English in a country other than South Korea and I’m also considering backpacking for half …

Volunteer Your Way Around the World – Interview with Adam Pervez

Travel is often very selfish. Most people land in a foreign country, rush around  sight-seeing  and escape again without getting a real glimpse into the people or culture. There is a different way. Adam Pervez, is choosing to spend his two-year world adventure volunteering in rural communities while getting immersed in local cultures and forming meaningful connections with the people he encounters. Perhaps the more you give to foreign cultures and people, the more you will get in return.

Alex Perez in Morocco

Please tell us about yourself.

I am 29 years old and hail from Cleveland, Ohio, USA. I studied electrical engineering, worked for an oil services company in the Middle East, then went to Spain to get an MBA (Masters in Business Administration), and then accomplished my “dream”… working in renewable energy in Scandinavia!

What was the driving impetus to quit everything to travel?

The quality of life in Scandinavia was amazing. I lived in Denmark and life was good and easy. But it just wasn’t for me. I found myself full of anxiety and stress. I’d feel pressure in my neck, my eye would twitch, and I kept getting sick. My body was rejecting the life I presented it and …

Forget Jet Setting – Here is a real JetSetCitizen


I  Made a Mistake

JetSetCitizen is not a very good name for this website. The idea of jet setting to exotic locales, while exciting and romantic, is definitely not the message I want to promote. My idea of a JetSetCitizen is more about being a global citizen and the personal responsibility that requires. Really experiencing foreign cultures and connecting with people around the world can be transformative and enlightening, if you let it.

Travel is Not a Competition

Travelling for the sake of getting passport stamps or crossing items off a bucket list are just other manifestations of our rampant consumerism. Some travellers compete by how many countries they have been to or attempt to regale in tales of how authentic or exotic their experiences are. How different is that from trying to one-up your neighbor’s latest purchase? Instead of keeping up with the Joneses, many of us are keeping up with the Indiana Joneses.

Maximize Profit or Maximize Good

We have been sold the idea that we have to produce and consume more to ‘advance.’ The strength of an economy is measured by growth in total production, whereas other measures like happiness, health, social relationships, clean air, wildlife, access …

Everything You Need to Know to Travel Around the World: Interview with The Siracusas

Are you dreaming of taking a year off from work to travel around the world? Emanuele and Romana Siracusa share their experiences and offer detailed advice for future world travellers. Should you purchase around-the-world airfare? How much money do you need? Where should you go? What kind of travel insurance do you need? It is all covered in this interview.

Around the World Travel

Please tell us about your around the world trip?

We left in November 2010 and stayed away until the first half of July. We kicked-off our around the world trip with a flight from London to Delhi . After 6 weeks of travelling within India we flew to SE Asia, where we stayed until the second week of May. We did Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia and finally Bali, Indonesia. Then we went to Australia and New Zealand for some winter time and some great camper-van road trips. Finally, we spent some time in Fiji and a short week in California before catching the flight back to London.

What were your most and least favourite countries?

Bali will always have a special place in our heart – we managed to stay away from the loud tourist triangle of Kuta-Legian-Seminyak and …

Interview with Digital Nomads from Never Ending Voyage