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Interview with Berlin Expat, Ryan from JetsLikeTaxis

Berlin is one of my favorite cities. The clash between east and west has been a perfect breeding ground for art, culture and everything that makes a city cool. Ryan and Ang from JetsLikeTaxis.com decided to make Berlin home. They share what they like about this one of a kind city and provide some details about their unique business model. They have managed to run a physical business making custom T-shirts back home with the help of friends and family, while they live abroad. With the over-saturation of online information products, I believe that selling physical products is likely to prove to be a more stable source of long-term income. Germany also offers some unique opportunities for freelance and business visas for longer stays. With  Schengen visa limits of 90 days out of every 180 in the EU, freelance work visas provide a relatively easy way for digital nomads to spend more time in Europe.


Please tell us about your background?

Heyo! Ryan from Jets Like Taxis, here. Ang and the dog are somewhere around here, but are apparently letting me yammer on for this one. So, I suppose they say ‘hi’ as well.

Right then. Where it all began. …