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Interview with Serial Entrepreneur Jun Loayza of RewardMe

Today’s interview is a little different, because it is probably the only one I’ve done that is not with a long-term traveller. Jun Loayza is a consumate entrepreneur that has been hustling his ass off for as long as I’ve know him. He talks about what it takes to build larger companies and gives an intimate look into the profitable lifestyle business he is working on with his girlfriend. Jun has plans for a more nomadic future, but for now it is all about growing the businesses.

Jun Loayza

Please tell us about yourself

My name is Jun Loayza and I’m the Co-Founder of RewardMe, a customer loyalty platform startup based in Silicon Valley, CA. I graduated from UCLA back in 2007 with a degree in Economics and Philosophy.

Post-graduation, I joined a corporate finance consulting firm in downtown Los Angeles: I wore a suit and tie and had to fill out time sheets (the legit corporate lifestyle). But the corporate job just wasn’t for me – I felt confined, uninspired, and day-dreamed constantly about building and running my own company.

3 months in, I abruptly quit my corporate job to build a startup with my friends from college.

During the …