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Interview with Travel Blogger, Author, Volunteer and SEO Consultant – Shannon O’Donnell

In this interview, Shannon O’Donnell, author of The Volunteer Traveler’s Handbook offers some great advice for those looking to do good on their journeys. Shannon funds her travels as a SEO consultant and more recently as a travel speaker. She also talks about her annual travel costs, homeschooling, SEO freelancing, and more in this monster interview. Enjoy!

Please tell us about yourself?

I am a rarity in the United States in that I am a native, born-and-raised Floridian—I grew up in St. Petersburg and lived there until I left for college, at which point I moved about two hours north to attend the University of Central Florida in Orlando. When I entered college I decided to pick a “useful” major rather than my passion, so my degree is in Advertising and Public Relations but I used my four-year scholarship to take advantage of all the acting, theatre, and foreign language classes I could also fit into my schedule.

After graduation, I immediately moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career, and it’s at that time that I began to learn about SEO and started consulting and writing on the internet. Those early years when I lived in LA, I …

Interview with World Traveler and Berlin Expat, Adam Groffman

With Germany’s forward thinking Freelancer Work Visa and inexpensive living costs in the creative and culturally rich city of Berlin, there is only one digital nomad headquarters in Europe. Increasing numbers of travellers are falling in love with Berlin and making this city their homebase. After a round-the-world trip, designer and blogger Adam Groffman couldn’t resist the pull of Berlin and has relocated there. In this interview, he shares what makes Berlin such a great city, shares his travel experiences and explains how he funds his expat lifestyle.

Travels of Adam - Adam GroffmanWhat made you want to quit your job to travel around the world?

I grew up in Texas but went to school and lived in Boston for a while. I studied communications with a focus on advertising (though I’d initially started my studies as a journalism student), but actually worked in the book publishing industry right out of college doing graphic design. I studied abroad twice while at university and that always made me want to live abroad. In 2009, I realized it’d been years since I traveled abroad so a friend and I planned a weekend trip to Iceland. Neither of us had any spare vacation time, so we planned the …

33 Months of Location Independence – A Personal Update

Next February will mark three years since we sold our business and left Japan. It seems like such a long time since we first made the one year plan to change countries and careers back in 2009. Here is an update on what is happening in our lives and some of the lessons learned over the past few years.

Location Independent 33 Months

Travel Plans

Today, we’ll be headed back to Asia for the winter. We will spend most of our time in Chiang Mai again, but also have some shorter trips planned to Singapore, Malaysia, Laos and possibly some other nearby countries. This will probably be our last trip to Asia for a while, as we haven’t been to Europe for a couple of years and we still haven’t made it South of Mexico.

New JetSetCitizen.com Website

This website has finally gotten a redesign. You’ll notice (I hope) that the site is simplified to make it easier to navigate and find past content. It is not 100% finished yet, but I wanted to get it up before I leave. I’ve lost the count of the Twitter shares, but everything else seems to have went well in the migration.

I’ve been blogging for four …

From Real Estate Investor to Traveler, Interview with Matt Bailey

Today’s interview is with Matthew Bailey, an entrepreneur, traveler and fellow Canadian. In his early twenties, Matt purchase two real estate properties as investments. Unfortunately, the costs and hassles weren’t worth the meager returns. I also lost my money in both of my real estate investments, so I can definitely relate to his experiences. Matt talks about the hazards of real estate investing, his experiences with niche marketing, his Canadian frequent flyer miles hacking site, studying in Malaysia and more.

Matt Bailey Aworldofinspiration.com

Please tell us about yourself

I’m from Canada, born and raised in a small oil town called Fort McMurray. Like others in the town, my dream was to simply make lots of moola in the oil field and buy a big house, a couple cars, and lots of big toys. As I got a little older, I realized I didn’t want this anymore so I changed everything. My adventurous life started when I packed my bags and moved to Calgary just weeks after turning 20. Since then, I’ve earned a diploma in marketing, a bachelor degree in management, bought a house and a condo, and then dropped it all to travel the world and pursue other interests like entrepreneurship and …

Why Travel Blogging is a Lousy Way to Earn Money Online

Travel Blogging

Making a full-time income from a travel blog is a goal of many new bloggers, but is it realistic? More importantly, are there easier and better ways to earn an income to fund a travel lifestyle?

Blogging is a great way to keep a personal diary of your trip and keep family and friends updated, however if your primary goal is to earn a full-time income to fund your travels indefinitely, a travel blog is probably not the way to go.

Making money from a travel blog is definitely possible. On this site, I’ve interviewed many people who have created very successful lifestyles for themselves. However, they are definitely the exception. That’s not to say that you can’t duplicate their business models, however, it is important that you have a business model to begin with.

Rather than starting with the idea, “I want to make money with my blog,” it’s much better to begin with, “I’m going to use my blog to drive traffic and generate sales leads for my business.”

Content marketing (quality, informative, niche targeted articles) is a great way to generate targeted leads and convert those leads to sales. Virtually every business should have a blog, but …

Interview with Location Independent Author and Entrepreneur Phil Byrne

What Are You Fighting For?

So many of us go through life without really considering what will give us a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment. We have been conditioned to go to school, get a good job, buy a big house and lots of material possessions. All we have to do is work for 40 plus years until retirement to finally enjoy life.

What if that is not enough? Do your possessions make you happy? Or, do they just take away your time and money from what is important? Personal satisfaction and life fulfillment are not found at the shopping mall or on TV.

In a previous post, I outlined some of the key characteristics of an excellent life. I believe a big part of finding more meaning and fulfillment in our lives comes from contribution. This animation presents a simple question to ask yourself to ensure you are doing what is most important to you. I hope you enjoy it.

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What is an Excellent Life?

The current summary tag line of this site is “Celebrating Global Citizens in Search of an Excellent Life.” The pursuit of a better life has been an important focus for me over the last few years, there is an important question which I haven’t really addressed to any great extent –  what is an excellent life? What does it take to be successful, fulfilled or personally satisfied in life?

On your deathbed, when you look back on your life, will you be happy with what you’ve accomplished? That is the ultimate question most of us will ask ourselves. The problem is that the question is too often asked when it is far too late to do anything about it.

The Good Life

I’m a Selfish Person

Travel and living abroad are fantastically enriching experiences on many levels, however, I don’t travel to make the world a better place. I do it entirely to satisfy my own interests.

I also enjoy playing guitar, reading, exercising, eating and other activities that are of no benefit to the outside world. I think that is okay, we all need to follow our own interests and do the things that bring us happiness, but I believe there is …

Driving from the US to South America – Interview with LifeRemotely.com

Have you ever wondered what it would be live to drive across Central and South America? If you were to believe Hollywood movies and US news networks, you might expect to be held up at gunpoint by banditos, drug lords or corrupt government officials. As usual, real life isn’t quite that dramatic. In this interview, the LifeRemotely.com trio, share what life is really like on the road as they drive from the US to Argentina. They offer some great details on their costs and total budget, road conditions, camping availability and more. Even if you’re not interested in an overlander trip, there’s some great advice in this interview.

Please tell us about your backgrounds?

Jared and I are brother and sister, we grew up in Pennsylvania and moved to Seattle when we were teenagers. After high school, Jared was an exchange student in Holland and returned several times throughout his time in college in Worchester, MA. I went to college in upstate New York, then did a study abroad program in Croatia. Not long after graduating I took a job as a photographer on cruise ships where I met my husband, Kobus. He grew up just outside of Joburg, South …

Interview with Dani and Jessica of GlobeTrotterGirls.com

Making money online to fund a travel lifestyle is typically the biggest challenge for aspiring digital nomads. While the idea of starting a travel blog to fund your adventure sounds very appealing, reality is that you will need savings or another source of income to get you started. Even highly successful travel bloggers typically supplement their incomes from multiple websites or other freelance work. Dani and Jessica of GlobeTrotterGirls offer some great advice on how to find your first freelancing gigs and their experiences traveling the world in this interview. There is no easy path to online riches, but people like Dani and Jessica are proving that a travel lifestyle is possible with some hard work and focus.



Please tell us about your backgrounds?

We are Dani and Jessica, a German-American couple who met in Germany in 2006. Jessica was living in Germany at the time teaching English, and I was about to move to England to finish my degree in International Business there. Luckily, Jessica also had planned to move there to do a Master’s in Media and Culture Studies, so we ended up landing in England within a week of each other. We saw that as a …