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Travel AND Make a Difference in the World: The Muskoka Foundation

A travel focused lifestyle can be incredibly rewarding and life-changing. It is great to experience exotic cultures, unwind on tropical beaches and party in funky bars and clubs. However, something more is needed. Even paradise can get boring if you are not working on something meaningful and challenging. Wouldn’t it be great to travel the world and make a real contribution to the communities you visit? The Muskoka Foundation was created to offer those volunteer opportunities. This guest post is a short introduction to their organization.

DO GOOD Muskoka Foundation

The Muskoka Foundation

The Muskoka Foundation is a non-profit foundation based in the USA. Their vision is to have a world where ethical and responsible traveling is a standard part of every traveler’s itinerary, with the hope that it will create a fleet of intentional explorers that leave a wake of positive change.

The foundation was founded by Jay Shapiro and Alice Gugelev, who are overlanding-enthusiasts. When they were living in South East Asia they were unable to find volunteering opportunities suited to overlanders that wouldn’t cost any volunteering fee. Right there and then was the birth of the vision and the foundation.

The Muskoka Foundation

The name “Muskoka” itself is the name of a region in …