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Are New Year’s Resolutions Un-Buddhist?

New Year's Resolution - Buddhism

I recently wrote how moving to a new country is a great way to reinvent your life. The start of the new year can also be a great opportunity for change and improvement. Getting better at life is something we should also be striving for, but I think western ideals of success and personal development are not always effective. Modern economies have brought us great abundance and opportunity, but we also seem to have much more anxiety and stress. I think we have a lot to learn from Buddhism when it comes to living a satisfying life.

The Problem with New Year’s Resolutions

I’m sure all of you have come across numerous posts advising you on how to best make your resolutions stick this year. There’s no shortage of advice on how to improve your life. Resolutions used to be much simpler such as losing some weight before spring or quitting smoking, but in recent years the intensity seems to be increasing.

In the blog posts I came across, there are dreamlining and goal setting exercises encouraging us to vividly image our dream house, our dream car, beautiful spouse, all the possessions we will own, the power and …