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Freelancing on Odesk – Interview with Bernard Vukas

Despite my constant admonitions about blogging being a lousy way to earn money online, most digital nomad wannabes want to focus on starting a blog. A much faster and more reliable way of earning an online income is to freelance your skills. In this interview, top oDesk.com freelancer, Bernard Vukas shares his story about how he went from earning $10 an hour to $150 per hour in four years. His oDesk success has enabled him to live an idyllic digital nomad lifestyle, earning world-class wages while living in inexpensive countries.

I’ve been outsourcing work for close to a decade on sites like oDesk, eLance and GetaCoder. Like Bernard, oDesk has become my favourite site as well. Browsing through the job postings often scares freelancers off because the rates offered tend to be ridiculously low. However, I’ve seen great workers get rewarded with higher hourly wages over and over again. Bernard Vukas is a perfect example of this. It’s not uncommon to see quality freelancers increase their rates by more than a 1000% as they get more experience and positive ratings. It can be difficult to get started with freelancing, but the opportunities are definitely there. Enjoy the interview.

Bernard Vukas Odesk Freelancing


Interview with Philippines Based Outsourcing Guru Chris Ducker

Outsourcing is perhaps the most effective way to leverage your time to generate better results in your business. The problem is finding trustworthy people to do the work and then managing them effectively. In this interview, one of the world’s top outsourcing experts, Chris Ducker of VirtualStaffFinder.com and Live2Sell.com, shares his advice on getting the most out of outsourced workers. Chris has lived in the Philippines for 12 years and has been in the outsourcing business for a decade. He owns a large call center, a new co-working space, an outsourcing matchmaking service and is also a rising online celebrity with a popular blog and frequent public speaking engagements.

Chris Ducker

Chris Ducker Interview Questions

0:26 Please Introduce Yourself

1:12 How did you end up in the Philippines?

2:31 Is your wife Filippino? How has that helped your business and visa status?

4:14 Would you recommend Entrepreneurs to move to the Philippines?

5:50 How is the quality of life in the Philippines?

6:58 Is the country safe?

8:10 Why would entrepreneurs want to go through your virtual outsourcing service rather than hiring their own outsourced staff directly?

9:54 Do you manage the outsourced workers after the hire?

11:54 Can you give …

Four Great Podcasts to Help you Make Money Online

Interview with Successful Nomadic Entrepreneur, Dan Andrews

Dan Andrews Digital Nomad from  TropicalMBA.comI am a huge fan of great, simple ideas. When I first heard of the TropicalMBA, I thought it was a brilliant concept with lots of potential. Just the name alone, conveys all the information you need to know. What better way to learn about business, then interning with a successful entrepreneur in an exotic country? In this interview, Dan Andrew talks about how he started the TropicalMBA, how he makes money and gives advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Please tell us about yourself

After studying philosophy in college, I sort of blindly jumped in to business because I assumed that business guys had a lot of freedom in terms of how they spent their time and where they can be located. I didn’t really have a plan, but in retrospect I think I was right about the business thing. Being an entrepreneur allows me a great deal of freedom in how I spend my time and I also get to be creative, which is really important to me.

It took me a little while to figure out how to get the kind of freedom I was looking for. I started my business in 2007, basically the day after …

Freelance Your Way Around the World

I Can Make your Website!

I Can Make your Website!

There is a little nagging problem that interferes with the lives we really want to lead and that is MONEY. Most of us have to earn an income to survive and that is often the greatest barrier holding us back from moving to a new country or starting a new career. With ubiquitous internet access all over the globe, the “need to work” excuse is losing its meaning. We all have the potential to make a decent living with a computer, internet connection and our own skills and knowledge.

I think everyone should be working towards big ideas (Big Ideas Post 1, Big Ideas Post 2) with huge potential pay offs, maybe even the chance to change the world in some way. The problem is that it is also nice to eat and pay the bills along the way. One of the safest and most effective ways to earn money, improve your skills, gain experience and get noticed is to freelance; sell your skills and services online to other companies.

Almost any type of work can be outsourced now so there are no shortages of opportunities. You could be a virtual assistant,

Secrets of Outsourcing

People are Everything!

People are Everything!

Hiring inexpensive developers and assistants in exotic countries for minuscule wages sounds very exciting and a great way to jump start your business and online ventures, and it is. Every business, blog writer or freelancer should be aggressively looking for ways to leverage their time and skills. However,  managing projects and outsourced developers is not easy. There are many problems that will arise in any outsourcing arrangement.  After hiring dozens of outsourced companies and individuals from countries all over the world I have learned some valuable lessons.

Projects are about People
Establishing relationships and connections beyond curt online communication, is essential to successful long term relationships. There will be disagreements and misunderstandings just like in any social setting.  Communicating through email, chats and even Skype is not the same as meeting people in person. Extra care needs to be taken in establishing the relationship and ensuring that both sides understand each other. Sometimes this can seem to be an inefficient use of your time, when all you want is to get projects completed quickly and cheaply. However, it is in the interests of both parties to try and develop long-term professional relationships. It is time consuming and …

Is it Unethical to Outsource?


I have been outsourcing to lower wage countries for about 5 years now. Only recently have I started to read about people with reservations of sending work overseas, particularly when their own citizens are facing increasing unemployment levels. Some people also feel in is unethical to pay overseas workers such low fees. I would like to address some of those ideas.

First of all, anyone who establishes long term relationships with professional outsourced developers will realize that the world is not falling to some inhumane subsistence wage. Quite the contrary all talented, professional workers wherever they are located soon start to earn world class incomes. I have seen this scenario play out many times. Low cost outsourcers in countries like India or the Philippines start by offering their services at ridiculously low rates; sometimes only a few dollars per hour. Workers who consistently over-deliver quality work, on-time can steadily increase their hourly rates. There are plenty of workers living in third world countries making first world incomes. It is not unusual for a talented worker to make five to ten times their starting wage in only a couple of years. I have seen it happen with several of my developers. …

Why You Need to Outsource

This is how to run a business!

This is how to run a business!

There is a distinct difference between having a job or having a business. Many small business owners, freelance workers and professionals have built themselves good jobs with a decent income, but these types of self-employment are often not real businesses.

What is a Job?
A job is when you get paid for doing work. Your salary is generally directly proportional to the hours of work you put in.  Work more hours – make more money. Work less hours – make less money. Most people are stuck in a job for life. If they should ever fall ill, get injured or worse, income stops coming in.

What is a Business?
A business is about creating systems and processes that earn you money irrespective of the time you put in. Ideally a good business can get to the point where it almost runs itself. Ideally, an effective manager shouldn’t have to do anything, because her employees and the systems put in place practically run the business by itself.

A key factor in running a business is having people to do the work. Work online has opened fantastic opportunities to outsource almost any type of work …