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Dogs of Chiang Mai Photo Post

There are A LOT of dogs on the streets of Chiang Mai. Istanbul is a city of cats, but Chiang Mai definitely has the canine crowd covered. Many of the pictures here are of pets, often wearing clothes despite the heat. However, most dogs appear to be strays and are often in pretty rough shape. Many are left abandoned at temples or just stay in front of a business or house that provides food on a regular basis.

What these photographs don’t reveal is the heat of Thailand. Temperatures can get higher than 40 degrees Celsius and that means the dogs do a whole lot of nothing during the day. Most are just sprawled out in the shade to try and keep cool.

Retire Cheap Chiang Mai Thailand
Enjoy the photos.

Dogs in Chiang Mai


Dogs in Chiang Mai11


Dogs in Chiang Mai03


Dogs in Chiang Mai08

Dogs in Chiang Mai26


Dogs in Chiang Mai12


Dogs in Chiang Mai10


Dogs in Chiang Mai18


Dogs in Chiang Mai20

Dogs in Chiang Mai29


Dogs in Chiang Mai 34


Dogs in Chiang Mai23


Dogs in Chiang Mai05


Dogs in Chiang Mai19


Dogs in Chiang Mai25


Dogs in Chiang Mai


Dogs in Chiang Mai06


Dogs in Chiang Mai07


Dogs in Chiang Mai17


Dogs in Chiang Mai27


Dogs in Chiang Mai 32


Dogs in Chiang Mai 33


Dogs in Chiang Mai09


Dogs in Chiang Mai 01


Dogs in Chiang Mai31


Dogs in Chiang Mai24


Dogs in Chiang Mai04


Dogs in Chiang Mai15


Dogs in Chiang Mai30


Dogs in Chiang Mai28

A Week in Chiang Mai – Photo Diary

Here is a selection of photos to show a little about what our life is like in Thailand. We tend to get into a routine and do the same things on a regular basis. Our life is simple, but very enjoyable. There isn’t a day that goes by that we aren’t grateful for the opportunities we have. We live in amazing times.

Visa Run to Myanmar

Every digital nomad knows this story well. After two or three months you have to travel to another country to renew visas for another short stay. Fortunately, visa runs are well established in Thailand and there are tours specifically for getting a new stamp in your passport. A day trip to Myanmar from Chiang Mai costs less than $20 with lunch and some sight-seeing included. Now we are good for another two months in Thailand.

Myanmar border

Visa run to the Myanmar border.

Great Thai Food

One of our favourite restaurants in Chiang Mai is Imm Aim (formerly Pun Pun). We go there 4 or 5 times a week because the food and atmosphere are great. I love small family run restaurants and the open garden is so relaxing. Imm Aim is a must try for …

Interview with Professional Photographer, Daniel Nahabedian

Remember back to a time when cameras needed film and it cost a small fortune to develop photographs? Obviously, the digital revolution has made it is easier and cheaper than ever to take photographs. That also means that earning a living as a photographer is far more competitive and difficult. In my first interview with a professional photographer, self-taught Daniel Nahabedian shares how he learned to handle a camera and the steps he took to turn his passion into a career.

Daniel Nahabedian

Please tell us about your background?

This is not a simple question. I’m a Armenian guy, born in Lebanon, raised in the UAE with a French passport, living in Thailand and speaking almost 6 languages.

I left the UAE after school to study Law in Toulouse, France, where I stayed for 7 years before returning back to Abu Dhabi. I settled for a boring job in HR for about 5 years, longing to escape every day.

Luckily, I discovered a passion with photography that kept me curious and creative. In 2008, I had my first real taste of travel after I went backpacking in Ireland and Iceland. The following year, after walking about 2000km on the Camino de Santiago

Photos of Amsterdam Coffeeshops (Drug cafes)

Amsterdam is famous for its liberal soft drug policies. Tourists from all over the world visit ‘coffeeshops’ for easy access to marijuana and hash. Here are 25 photos of Amsterdam coffeeshops in the heart of the city.

Photos of Budapest, My Favourite City

Budapest is definitely one of my favourite cities in the world. It has the same appeal as other major European capitals but at a fraction of the price.

Travel Hungary

The Danube

Budapest Cafe Culture

My wife and I are huge cafe fanatics and Budapest definitely doesn’t disappoint. The franchises are starting to invade, but for the most part, cafes and restaurants remain one-off unique establishments with real personalities. Most have breakfast and lunch specials where you can get a full meal with a good coffee for US$4 to $8. Hungary is definitely one of the best countries in the world to eat out. The quality and service relative to price are difficult to beat.

Hungary is Wine Country

With smaller traditional vineyards in areas like Eger, Villany and Tokaj, Hungary doesn’t produce the quantity of wine necessary for large international buyers. That means that great wine can be purchased relatively inexpensively. I am no wine expert, but I would venture to say that comparable wine of richer countries like France or Italy can be purchased for one quarter the price in Hungary. Buying directly from local wine cellars offers the best deals. If you are a wine traveler, Hungary is a …