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One Year to a New Country (Two Months Later)

nagasaki 300x225 One Year to a New Country (Two Months Later)

10 Months to Leave Japan

Two months have now passed since my wife and I committed to our one year plan of leaving Japan and living in a new country. We are still ten months away from making this latest major lifestyle change but our excitement for future opportunities seems to grow day by day.

Progress Report
Not much has materially changed in the last month, except for my way of thinking. I have changed countries once, and know how liberating and amazing the experience can be, so it is not like this is entirely new to me. But it is difficult, in the same way it is difficult for others making drastic changes in their lives. Uncertainty is damn scary. And the older you get, the harder it gets because risks have much greater consequences.

It is hard to give up a good income, and leave your own house and material possessions. When you are just out of university, you have nothing to lose so it is easy to backpack around the world and put off your career ambitions for a year or two. But what happens when you start getting the lifestyle you wanted? What do you do …

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Interview with Nomad4Ever, Christian Skoda

chris in boracay 300x225 Interview with Nomad4Ever, Christian Skoda

Christian Skoda in Boracay

Christian Skoda spent 14 years of his life working for a large corporation. About six years ago, he decided to get out of the rat race and begin a new life as a perpetual traveler. Christian has lived in Singapore, Thailand, Bali, India and most recently, the Philippines. He shares some of his experiences in this interview.

Please tell us about your current life now. Where do you live?
I’m currently in the process of moving to the island of Negros, in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. Before I lived 6 months in Goa/India, 2 years in Bali/Indonesia and 8 months in and around Phuket in Thailand. Before that I was working for 3 years in Singapore, which I enjoyed very much, as it gave me the opportunity to explore the surrounding countries during extended weekend trips. Asia is simply a region of plenty, I just can’t get enough of it!

How do you earn an income?
From my previous activities, I have several passive income streams, like rent, dividends and interest. My motto is to generate income in hard currency countries and spend in lower-cost-of-living countries. Therefore – Asia is the right place …

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Rent for Less than $10 per Day

There is no better way to pursue your lifestyle design goals than by cutting your expenses and moving to a new country. Here are nine properties around the world that are under $300 a month.

Cebu City, Philippines
US$106  per month  (5,500PHP)
phil12 300x225 Rent for Less than $10 per Day

phil21 300x240 Rent for Less than $10 per Day

Jomtien Beach, Pattaya City, Thailand
US$263 per month (9,000BHT)
thai1 300x225 Rent for Less than $10 per Day

thai2 300x225 Rent for Less than $10 per Day

Goicoechea, Guadalupe, Costa Rica
US$300 per month

costa1 300x225 Rent for Less than $10 per Day

costa2 300x223 Rent for Less than $10 per Day

Sihanoukville, Victory Beach, Cambodia
US$250 (including utilities, TV)

cambodia1 300x193 Rent for Less than $10 per Day

cambodia2 300x194 Rent for Less than $10 per Day

Dehivala, Sri Lanka
US$212 per month (25,000LKR)

sri1 297x300 Rent for Less than $10 per Day

sri 2 300x299 Rent for Less than $10 per Day

Krakow, Poland
US$264 per month

poland 1 300x226 Rent for Less than $10 per Day

poland 2 262x300 Rent for Less than $10 per Day

Hanoi, Vietnam

vietnam 225x300 Rent for Less than $10 per Day

Missouri, USA

missouri1 Rent for Less than $10 per Day

missouri2 Rent for Less than $10 per Day

Antigua, Guatemala
US$240 (with internet)

guatemala1 300x225 Rent for Less than $10 per Day

guatemala2 300x225 Rent for Less than $10 per Day

When looking for an apartment or house rental in any country, you will most certainly find better and cheaper accommodations if you start your search when you arrive. Most internet searches bring up vacation rentals which are considerably more expensive than other apartments and are often priced by the day or week. Also, owners savvy enough to professionally market their properties online will generally ask for more money. When you arrive in the country, check local publications aimed at foreigners and if you are going to be renting for an extended time,  try real estate agents.

Foreigners are often taken advantage of so knock on some doors and comparison shop …

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Can you Retire on $500 per month?

Lifestyle design is all about changing the way we live so that we can fulfill our passions and experience life now. We should all be striving for early retirement from lousy jobs. My wife and I have a one year plan to quit our jobs and move to a new country. We are not retiring from work, we still want to continue working on interesting projects and possible doing some longer term volunteering, but we do want to retire from our current career of owning an English school in Japan.


bali garden Can you Retire on $500 per month?

Retire Cheap in Places like Bali

Too many people still believe that retirement is for the 65 and older crowd who have worked and saved their whole lives and still have trouble making ends meet. How much money do you really need to retire? What if you could retire now, for as little as $500 per month? Of course, that means cutting back on most luxuries and living a relatively simple life but it does seem possible in lower income countries like The Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

If you could live on $500 per month ($6,000 per year) and you made 6% annually from safe investments, you would …

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