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The Biggest Difference – My Most Important Blog Post Ever

Writing this blog post, and taking on this challenge was difficult for me. What if I fail? What if no one cares? It’s difficult to take risks and challenge ourselves but that is precisely why I need to do this. I hope you read to the end.

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Make a Difference

What is the most effective investment you can make you improve the lives of others? Whether you give $5 or $500, what donation will have the greatest impact on the world?

I know we are all inundated with requests to donate, but not all causes are equal and that is a very important consideration. It’s a very complex issue, and people give for different reasons, but if you are donating your hard earned dollars, it’s prudent to maximize the net benefit of your investment.

All Charities are a Rip-Off

It’s easy to get cynical when non-profit CEO’s make half-million-dollar salaries or when fundraising and administration expenses take up 40% or more of total donations raised, but again not all charities are equal. Some are much more …