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The ActionMBA is Here!

ActionMBA.com - Social Entrepreneurship

After many iterations and test projects, I’ve finally have some progress to show you about my next two big endeavours. The ActionMBA is a “”free online business skills building course for social entrepreneurs, non-profits and activists.” DareBigDoGood.com will the community to go with the ActionMBA site and will be the home for my new blog.

My Dare Big Manifesto

I first wrote about the ActionMBA in my Dare Big Manifesto post a long time ago. At least it seems like a long time ago. Since then I had another Unconference for Social Good, worked on The Human, Earth Project crowdfunding campaign to raise awareness for human trafficking, helped put on an Impact48 event for InSearchofSanuk in Bangkok, and did some other volunteer projects.

None of that stuff makes me any money. However, this is the stuff that makes me really come alive. I want to work with and assist social entrepreneurs, startup-non-profits and social activists that are making a real difference in the world.

Here it is.

Please check out the ActionMBA.com site.

If you’re interested in what the Dare Big Do Good Community is about you can visit the landing page for a detailed explanation. There will be …

The Next Generation of the Entrepreneur Revolution

Social Entrepreneur

Social Entrepreneur Lee from Akha Ama Cafe in Chiang Mai

The Internet has facilitated nothing short of a revolution in entrepreneurship. Business has gone from physical, real world spaces with high startup costs, to massive online opportunities which anyone with a laptop can start with a few dollars and Internet access. These truly are amazing times. While it’s great that there has been an explosion in the startup, digital nomad and lifestyle design communities, there is a conspicuous absence of entrepreneurs working on businesses that make the world a better place. An overwhelming majority seem quite happy to focus on socially useless products and services or even environmentally destructive consumer goods. There is hope however. All over the world, there is a new generation of social entrepreneurs, non-profits and activists that realize that there is more to life than profits at all costs.

Are you the Problem?

We’ve all heard the expression, “You’re either part of the solution, or you’re part of the problem.” Despite the massive wealth in the world, we still have half the planet living in abject poverty, a billion don’t have access to clean drinking water, there are tens of millions of refugees without a home …