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When Disaster Strikes – State of Emergency in Calgary

Calgary Flood Before Photo

Calgary’s Bow River on June 17th 2013

Calgary Flood - Bow River After

Calgary’s Bow River on June 21st 2013

Calgary Floods 2013

Calgary Floods 2013 June 17th

Calgary Flood 2013

Calgary Floods 2013 June 21st

State of Emergency in Calgary

My home city of Calgary and surrounding areas in Southern Alberta are under a state of emergency today. There is mass flooding from heavy rains and run-off of winter snow from the mountains. More than 100,000 people have had to be evacuated. Even the downtown core has had to be shut down. It’s disasters like this that really make me understand what is most important in life.

My wife and I are in Calgary now for the summer, but we are safe. We have plenty of food and water, electricity and internet are working in our area, but a good section of the city has had water, electricity and gas turned off.

Local rivers are at record heights and are expected to stay high for several more days. Roads to the west of the city are flooded over so many people are stranded in neighbouring cities.

There will undoubtedly be hundreds of millions of dollars of damage with many completely losing their homes. Luckily there have only been a few fatalities …