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Teach English to Travel the World: Interview with 2 Nomads – 1 Narrative

2 Nomads 1 Narrative

Mt. Everest Base Camp

Looking to explore the world, but don’t have the bank account to match your ambitions? Consider teaching English. It is the fastest and easiest way to go abroad and you don’t need special qualifications other than a university degree. Nicky Wetzelberger and Rhys Farrow, have funded their travel bug by teaching English in both Korea and Vietnam. They share their experiences and offer advice in this interview.

Please tell us about your travel background?

I’m Nicky and have been traveling alongside my boyfriend Rhys for the past 2 years. We left home in 2009 with a one way ticket to Bangkok and traveled all over South East Asia for 3.5 months before moving to South Korea to teach English. We finished our one year contracts for public schools in Ulsan before hitting the road again through India for nine weeks and then on to Nepal for a month. We are currently living and working in Ho Chi Minh City, teaching and traveling once again, but this time in Vietnam.

What was the impetus to move abroad?

Our Trans-Atlantic relationship wouldn’t allow us to do anything besides move away and travel the world together. I am from …

2 Years into Location Independence – a Personal Update

Location Independent ThailandWe are coming upon two years since we sold our business, house and got rid of almost all our possessions.  Do we have any regrets or did we make any huge mistakes? You will have to read to find out.

We are in Thailand

At the beginning of January we have come back to Asia for a few months. We started off in Japan and are now in Thailand. We will be here for a couple of months before going to Australia and then Japan again. I need to get some dental work done, and Thailand is a great, inexpensive country for dentists.

Home Base

We have been based out of my home city of Calgary, on and off for the last couple of years. We stay in Calgary because we have family there and an inexpensive place to stay.

As much as we love being abroad, we don’t like to travel so much. Constantly moving to new locations take a lot of time and effort. By being based in Calgary, we have been able to forge some great new friendships, organize a conference and monthly meet-up groups, volunteer, go to the gym regularly, meet old friends, enjoy familiar cafes, …

Interview with Long Term Traveller, Expat and English Teacher – Nomadic Samuel Jeffery

I have said it many times before, teaching English abroad is a great away to see the world. Having a secure income and an employer that helps you get set up in a foreign country takes away most of the risk and expense of moving abroad. Samuel Jeffery of NomadicSamuel.com has used teaching English in Korea as a spring board to live abroad for 6 years and travel the world. In this interview, he talks about what it is like to teach English in Korea and provides some insight into his travels, website and future plans.

Nomadic Samuel Jeffery - Teach English Abroad

Please tell us about your travels.

I’ve now been abroad for six consecutive years alternating between teaching English in Korea and backpacking around Asia and the Americas.  I decided to go abroad for the first time after I became an ESL tutor on campus as a university student.  I became close friends with my students and the seeds of teaching and travelling abroad were firmly planted around this time.

Where are you now?

I’m currently in a transitional phase visiting family at home in Fredericton, Canada. I’m considering teaching English in a country other than South Korea and I’m also considering backpacking for half …