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How to Change the World – An Interview with Ben Randall of ‘The Human, Earth Project’

The Human, Earth Project

Can one person make a meaningful difference in the world?  Ben Randall is an inspiring example of what’s possible in this time of great abundance. I first met Ben in Thailand last winter. He told me his story of how he saved some money and then quit his job to travel to SE Asia to search for a kidnapped friend and raise awareness for the tragedy of human trafficking.  Since that time, Ben and his cameraman Moreno Paulon have successfully crowdfunded $12,000 to complete production of a feature-length documentary film and managed to locate and meet the kidnapped girl (now an adult) in China. It’s easy to get caught up in the stress and busyness of our modern lifestyles, but  relative to the billions suffering in abject poverty around the world, are you doing the best you can do? Ben Randall definitely is.

Enjoy the interview.

What is ‘The Human, Earth Project’?

‘The Human, Earth Project’ has been a long, strange process of evolution towards the goal of finding and helping my friend M, who was kidnapped from Vietnam and sold as an unwilling teenaged bride in China.

It has involved a nine-month, 37,000-kilometre journey to find 100 people I …

How to find Meaning and Purpose in your Life

Find Meaning and Purpose

Are you searching for more meaning and fulfillment in your life? You’re definitely not alone. There is only one way to really be satisfied and fulfilled. The answer is very simple, but it’s definitely not the easiest choice to make.

What if you didn’t need money or attention?

Derek Sivers recently wrote a post that I think hints at one of key issues of our time.

If you stopped doing all these things you’re just doing for the money, or the attention, what’s left? Who are you, if you don’t do these things? Many of my friends are touring musicians. One has been quite unhappy with it lately. She realized it was once a dream, but now she’s just doing it for the fear of being forgotten. But if she stops, what’s left? She’s defined herself by this pursuit for so long.

Many of my friends are entrepreneurs. A few have mentioned this deep hollow conflicted feeling. Their business ideas are not things the world wants. They’re following the current tech entrepreneur stereotype, building social apps and pursuing investors. They’re hating it, and having to admit they’re doing it only for the jackpot. But if they stop, what’s left?


Success in the Zombie Apocalypse

Success Zombie Apocalypse

Most people need a cataclysmic event in their life to really make meaningful changes. A death in the family, loss of a good job or a terminal illness are often required to start taking our lives seriously. It doesn’t have to be that way. All it takes is a little courage and motivation to focus on what’s most important now. To find that inspiration, take a moment to imagine your role in the zombie apocalypse.

Where Will You Be in the Zombie Apocalypse?

When most of the world gives up the fast food drive-through to become flesh eating un-dead with a taste for raw human brains, what will you be doing with your life?

When our streets are filled with zombie hoards hoping to chew off your face, will you be focused on locating a power generator to watch re-runs of Breaking Bad?

Will you spend your free time at abandoned home-centers to pick out some new designer patio bricks to match that new barbecue you’ve appropriated from your half-eaten neighbours. (Don’t worry, you never liked that guy before anyway. He always had a nicer car than you.)

Will you continue working in your office cubicle, staring at numbers on …