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Travel and Babies

Travelling with a Baby

Our baby boy, JJ is 14 months old now and we’ve taken him to one of our favourite cities, Chiang Mai, Thailand. As you can imagine, my wife and I have a drastically different lifestyle than before having a child. We were definitely apprehensive about long haul flights with a baby, but so far everything about this trip has been great. Thailand loves babies, so we’re very grateful JJ has a chance to get so much attention from so many different people. Here is an update on how having a baby has changed our life and some of my thoughts on raising an international child.

The Miracle of Childbirth

After witnessing the birth of my child, I’m extremely happy that we chose to deliver the child in my home country of Canada. We’ve had great experiences with medical care in other countries, including the first prenatal visits in Budapest, but the quality of care in Canada was absolutely amazing. From what I saw, child birth can be a very violent and even dangerous experience, so it was great to have first class medical care. Having a full trauma team in the delivery room on a moment’s notice was very comforting …