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The JetSetCitizen Guide to Minimalism


Over the last four years, my wife and I have drastically reduced our consumption and material possessions. We weren’t trying to move towards some goal of a better life; it was more of an escape from a consumer lifestyle that we didn’t find fulfilling. I’ve recently been exploring the philosophy of minimalism and trying to contrast it with other related ideas like voluntary simplicity, simple living and frugality. This article is covers what I think is good and bad about those labels as well as how and why I’ve become a minimalist over the last four or five years.

Why I Don’t Like the Term ‘Minimalism’.

Although, I’m definitely not a big fan of labels, questions like “What do you do?” and “Where are you from?” are often easier to explain with the right terminology. I call myself a ‘digital nomad,’ and sometimes even, ‘location independent’ because those are probably the most efficient terms to describe my lifestyle.

Call yourself a ‘traveller’ and the inevitable question that gets asked is “How many countries have you been to?” Travel to me is not a contest of who has the most stamps in their passports or who has had the most authentic …