What is a JetSetCitizen?

There is a clear and growing movement in the world: People are starting to realize that old concepts of work, play, and success do not really satisfy any longer.

The idea of working hard for 40 odd years to save money and get a secure life, so that you can enjoy retirement is no longer acceptable for many. We live in an age of amazing affluence and abundance: why shouldn’t we enjoy our lives now?

Anyone, in developed countries at least, can have anything and do anything they want. The only requirement is focused effort on high return work.  Exotic vacations, fancy cars and designer handbags are available to the masses so material possessions are no longer an important measure of success. Anyone can buy a Rolex watch or a Porche. Anyone can go to Thailand or Buenos Aires.  Universal accessibility to goods and services once available to the super rich, mean that purchases no longer have the same cache.

In fact, possessions have become a sign of weakness.  We have been getting fat and lazy with a diet of fast food and television, while polluting our planet at an increasing rate. Even celebrities are giving up their Hummers for hybrid cars and are forgoing their yachting trips for mountain biking in nature. All that “convenience” we have been consuming is making us sick. We are sick, the environment is sick and it is our own fault.

The internet has opened unprecedented opportunities to make decent amounts of money from virtually anywhere in the world. We are no longer tethered to a job, city or even country. Anyone can put up a blog and start promoting their content or services from the most distant corners of the globe.

Technology has brought us closer together as one world more than anyone has every imagined. We can access every movie, picture, person or idea from anywhere. All of this has happened in the last 20 years. Wait to see what the next twenty will bring.

Any idiot can consume, it takes real work to learn, experience and make a contribution to the world.

A JetSetCitizen is NOT about driving Maseratis in Monaco, it is about volunteering in Venezuela. It is about learning something new to improve the lives of people around you. It is about embracing humanity and experiencing the world with your fellow citizens. It is about being fortunate enough to live in a time of unprecedented opportunity.

JetSetCitizen Manifesto

The world is at your feet.

Live every moment!

Lick every second!