Interview with Philippines Based Outsourcing Guru Chris Ducker

Outsourcing is perhaps the most effective way to leverage your time to generate better results in your business. The problem is finding trustworthy people to do the work and then managing them effectively. In this interview, one of the world’s top outsourcing experts, Chris Ducker of and, shares his advice on getting the most out of outsourced workers. Chris has lived in the Philippines for 12 years and has been in the outsourcing business for a decade. He owns a large call center, a new co-working space, an outsourcing matchmaking service and is also a rising online celebrity with a popular blog and frequent public speaking engagements.

Chris Ducker

Chris Ducker Interview Questions

0:26 Please Introduce Yourself

1:12 How did you end up in the Philippines?

2:31 Is your wife Filippino? How has that helped your business and visa status?

4:14 Would you recommend Entrepreneurs to move to the Philippines?

5:50 How is the quality of life in the Philippines?

6:58 Is the country safe?

8:10 Why would entrepreneurs want to go through your virtual outsourcing service rather than hiring their own outsourced staff directly?

9:54 Do you manage the outsourced workers after the hire?

11:54 Can you give some advice for entrepreneurs on what type of work should be outsourced and how they can manage those workers?

17:06 Can you give some advice on getting consistent results from these outsourced workers?

22:20 Can you give us hourly rates of different outsourced workers?

23:37 Are there any cultural or social issues when working with Filippinos?

26:22 Why did you change your site from to

29:47 You are moving towards more public speaking, coaching and other stuff, are you moving to a new business direction? What can we expect?

32:30 Do you think your successful business has led to the success of your blog or is it the other way around?

34:27 Can you tell us about your 7 Day Business Bootcamp? What do people learn on that program?

37:03 You certainly have exploded in popularity on the internet, I’m seeing you everywhere. You’re definitely a rising celebrity online. Please tell us about that.

38:32 What next? Do you see any good business opportunities on the horizon?

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