Collaborative Copenhagen: An entrepreneur’s paradise

One of the perks of living in a global economy is the ability to pick up and move to just about anywhere in the world. For lots of nine to fivers, the dream of dropping everything to flee to a chic European city or a wild South American jungle is a delightful daydream during the workday but is rarely entertained as a realistic possibility.

Whether you’ve got a great idea or happen to have experienced particularly enjoyable weekend breaks to Copenhagen in the past, this magnificent metropolis is full of life, energy, opportunity and innovative resources that make it the perfect place to turn dreams into reality. Here are some of the best resources for budding entrepreneurs.

Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship

The Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship is a fantastic and cutting-edge resource. The CSE Lab is the largest business incubator in Denmark where close to 50 start-up companies and educational institutions are offered support in developing their ideas and helping turn them into viable businesses.

The Lab offers start-up companies online tools, various workshops, mentorship programs, external coaching and facilitates business partnerships with established companies and other successful entrepreneurs.

CSE Relations are a separate arm of the school responsible for building and supporting lasting relationships with external professionals like lawyers, accountants, investors and business developers who can help take an idea to the next level.

The primary goal of CSE Relations is to create a network of professionals, researchers, students and teachers who can come together and create lasting and successful entrepreneurial endeavours.

Copenhagen Creative Summit

This inspiring and innovative international summit has been developed in partnership between the Danish Society of Engineers (IDA), KPH projects and Copenhagen Green Business Network. The result is a remarkable collaboration between social entrepreneurs, engineers, designers and green business professionals who share a passion for sustainability.

The summit is a chance to be inspired, network and share ideas in an interdisciplinary setting which considers creative and sustainable solutions for a range of real-world challenges.

Nest Copenhagen

For entrepreneurs who are interested in having a life outside of work, Nest provides an intriguing proposition. Marketed as a co-living space for young entrepreneurs and innovators, Nest is home to 19 young entrepreneurs who are happily cohabitating in central Copenhagen, right next to Central Station. The grand experiment is quite new and sure to be an interesting one.

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