Discover Turkey

Lara Beach Turkey

Lara Beach Turkey

Mediterranean beaches, bustling towns and cities, and a classic east-meets-west culture – Turkey holidays are certainly something to write home about.

Let’s start with its beautiful beaches. If you’re after a family-friendly stay with lashings of sun, sea and sand, Turkey holidays are happy to oblige. Take the Antalya region for instance. Lara Beach is a bustling resort with striking looks and a long sweeping beach, perfect for sandcastles, with plenty of shallow areas for little paddling feet. The hotels in Lara Beach are home to plenty of action, so you may find yourself spending time by the pool while the kids enjoy family activities and hotel-run entertainment.

If you’re after a clubbing holiday, Gumbet in the Bodrum region is the place to be. Here it’s all about long lazy days on the beach followed up by big nights out, perhaps a few cocktails in its many different bars and pubs, then it’s onto the discos and nightclubs that pepper the resort and keep the party pumping well into the early hours.

Of course, beaches and resorts aside, Turkey holidays are also a chance to get to know the local culture and heritage of this vast country. Why not take a day trip to Istanbul, and soak up its dazzling architecture, pungent spice markets and the aptly named Grand Bazaar – home to thousands of different shops and stalls. Or, venture inland and discover Turkey’s wild side – one of craggy peaks and rugged hillsides, sparkling lakes and rocky gorges.

Head off the tourist trail and you’ll soon find a traditional side to Turkey – one of folk dancing and lively music, which plays a huge part in its heritage. Its sizzling cuisine is another large part of its culture, and you can enjoy an infusion of flavours and spices influenced by Asian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine.

This fascinating destination is a medley of contrasts with new experiences at every turn. Find out more about Turkey holidays online at and discover what it’s really like to have an ‘east meets west’ encounter.

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