London Romance Gives Paris a Run for its Money

Key Garden London

Key Garden London

Once upon a time romance meant extravagance and grand gestures, roses and champagne in Paris, from gents in top hats and tails to ladies in corsets and exquisite dresses.  Whilst these things are still very lovely, they are reserved largely for weddings, proposals and extra special occasions.  Many dream of a quick getaway to Paris but, as funds are tight and time even tighter, lots are opting for a night in central London as a romantic alternative.

London is one of the most culturally diverse and enthralling capitals in the Western world and there really is something for all tastes.  Attracting a vast number of tourists each year the draw of the city resonates throughout the globe year on year.  Known for its rich history, it’s easy to understand why many fall in love with the architecture, museums and stories that it is built on.  Far from a greying metropolis, London’s varied landscape is punctuated with many beautiful large parks in which to relax, before re-entering the hubbub of the busy business and shopping precinct centre of the UK.

Food and Culture

There are many things to do on a romantic mini break to London with restaurants with every cuisine you could possibly think of, and entertainment venues across the city.  During the day there are many museums and galleries to take in, many of which have the added benefit of being free.  If art and history aren’t your thing there are also many stunning views to admire around the city, whether you see them from the ground or the top of the London Eye, by day or by night, the London cityscape is truly unique.

Outdoor London

As summer approaches and the weather starts to improve you can consider some of the many outdoor possibilities for a romantic date.  Take a stroll around London Zoo, or explore the green houses at Kew Gardens hand in hand with the one you love.  The streets of London themselves transform in the summertime too; the street markets of Notting Hill, Camden and Brick Lane are great places to spend the day just shopping and wandering, eating as you go in Brick Lane or having a drink by the lock in Camden.

Music and Theatre

In the evening turn up the romance factor and take in a West End show, or simply visit a bar before a late dinner.  If you’re looking for something a bit different there is much to be said for  the independent cinemas and many music venues in the city.  There is a great mine of talent in London, meaning that there is always live music within reach, whether you choose to go to a big stadium show at the O2 or find underground talent in a record store show, there’s bound to be something that’s your cup of tea.

So the next time you think about a getaway with the one you love, put down the Eurostar timetable, and find a wealth of romance without even having to exchange your currency.

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