Top 10 Creative Ways to Make Money Online While You’re Traveling Abroad

The world is smaller now than ever before, thanks to internet. It empowers communications and enables messages to get across thousands of miles instantly. Furthermore, the online world has opened a plethora of opportunities for many people to make money. Even a highly mobile person can monetize his or her skills.

Here are some ways on how you can make money online even if you’re not home and traveling overseas.

1.    Buy and Sell

Auction giants like eBay and Amazon are massive marketplaces for you to buy and sell stuff. Even when overseas, you can still transact with potential customers and monitor bids. Collectible items such as toys and watches are easy to sell online.

2.    Apps developer

Who would have thought that photo filter app Instagram could be such a hit that Facebook was lured to purchase it for a billion dollars? Apps development projects do not require someone to stay in the office or at home to be accomplished. You just need the right set of tools, that is, a computer and a software development program, and open source communities to create an app that will sell on Google Play, Android Market or Apple iTunes.

3.    Microjobs

As simple as liking pages and following certain accounts on Twitter, you can already earn money. These microjobs are the newest trend in crowd sourcing today. Employers run campaigns from a remote site to folks anywhere in the world.

4.    eBook Writing

Humanity’s innate love for books has gone electronic. The birth of Kindle Fire was brought about by the strong affinity of consumers to eBooks. eBooks written on topics such as health and wellness, fitness, food, fiction, self-help and entertainment sell like hotcakes. While you are waiting for peers to arrive for a meeting, steal some minutes and pour ideas into your eBook project.

 5.    Playing Casino Games for Real Money

Real money gambling has arrived in the worldwide web. Las Vegas used to be at the centerpiece of it all. Today, the proliferation of online casinos has triggered the growth of the multi-billion dollar industry. This was augmented even further by the boom of mobile apps development on betting games and poker. You can get recommendations for the best casino sites for mobile devices on

6.    Web Hosting Support

Companies usually outsource web hosting. Since this is internet-based, you can freely work wherever you are in the world.

7.    Blogging

Setting up your own blog for a particular niche (such as travel blogging) can attract sponsors that will pay the right amount. As you attract readers and followers, companies notice you. Those who are interested in getting exposure in your blog site will have to write you a check. There are several blog-hosting sites that are optimized to be used in smartphones. This simply means that you can blog anywhere and anytime.

8.    Social Media Marketing

Facebook and Twitter have become lucrative platforms for marketing. With over a billion active users, you will never run out of audience with Mark Zuckerberg’s social network. While you are traveling, you can update social media pages of your business or venture.

9.    Content and Article Writing

A lot of employers pay skilled writers to generate quality content for their website. This keyword-rich and SEO-optimized content will help a website increase search performance and traffic.

10. Extending Virtual Assistance

Simple tasks such as responding to emails, setting up appointments, calendaring and payroll can be a lucrative source of income while you are abroad.

Take your chances with this long list of ways to earn some bucks while you’re travelling the world, and extend your trip as much as you like.

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