Top five summer holiday destinations for 2014

Are you preparing for next summer already? I don’t blame you. It’s best to get in before the rush and by booking now you’re more likely to bag a bargain.

So, while everyone else is fretting about Christmas, you can start your search for low price 2014 holidays and get ahead of the crowd.

The best destinations to visit depend on what type of holiday you’re looking for. If you want to get away with the little ones, you’ll likely want a completely different resort than if you’re going on a lad’s holiday.

To help you decide where to go, we’ve shortlisted the top five summer holiday destinations for various types of holidaymaker.

1. Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

It was only 20 years ago that this busy Egyptian resort was a sleepy desert town, with nothing more than a handful of hotels. However, it’s now a hot spot for summer holidays and is still growing in popularity. Ancient culture, watersports, hot weather and sandy beaches, what more could you ask for?

2. Benidorm, Spain

Spain is the most popular holiday destination for Brits. Millions of us flock to one of the ‘Costa’s’, Canaries or Balearics every year in search of sun, sea and sand and there are plenty of family orientated resorts for those travelling with kids.

With a vibrant nightlife, a trip to Benidorm can also be a great choice for a lad’s holiday or stag ‘do, offering great versatility.

3. Florida, USA

If you really want to spoil your kids, two weeks in the Sunshine State will be one of your best holidays. You can spend your days visiting the theme parks, from Walt Disney World Resort to Busch Gardens, or drive out to one of the huge shopping malls and relax on the white sandy beaches found along the expansive coastline.

4. Crete, Greece

Despite being in the middle of economic meltdown, Greece still attracts plenty of tourists thanks to its hot summer weather, beautiful scenery and delicious cuisine. There are plenty of resorts but Crete is a particular favourite as it offers a great family holiday as well as a bit of culture and heritage.

5. Dalyan, Turkey

For couples that want to jet off and rekindle the romance, the unspoilt resort of Dalyan is a great choice. With nearby beaches on the Turquoise Coast, a relaxed atmosphere, mud baths and bags of charm, it’s the perfect romantic setting.

These are just some of the summer holiday destinations you should consider when planning for 2014 but there are plenty more to choose from, so make sure you do your research before booking.

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