The top five must visit casinos of Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Las Vegas has much to offer visitors in terms of entertainment – including impressive music and sporting events – but it remains primarily known for its many casinos. There are too many amazing ones to possibly mention in a single article, but a few do manage to stand out even in such impressive company, as being places that any casino games fan has to pay a visit to during their trip to the resort. These are the top five must visit casino of Las Vegas.

If you want to feel like you are a visiting Hollywood star, then either the MGM Grand or the Bellagio hotel/casinos will fulfil your wildest dreams in terms of luxury and glamour. The former is quite extraordinary, standing at thirty floors and having no less than five swimming pools along with several waterfalls, rivers and the Garden Arena – where concerts and sports events are held. The Bellagio on the other hand has thirty six floors and a casino so monumental that a whole floor can be given over to just slots games.

That said, for all that these venues are dream palaces, some visitors will want something a little more unusual from their Vegas visit – and themed casinos like the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino or the Venetian should fit that bill. The theme of the former is the Rio carnival, and from the spectacular colours and music onwards, it does everything to capture that vibe. This and the friendly social atmosphere will make it perfect for younger or more outgoing visitors, but couples seeking a quieter, more romantic option may prefer the Venetian. The Venice theme of this establishment even includes the chance of a gondola ride, while the outside replicates Venice in tremendous detail.

Finally, if you just want the very best in casino games, then the Wynn Las Vegas has a fantastic reputation for offering great gambling. You can miss it: it is the glass building which looks like a huge diamond when the sun hits it, and inside you will find every type of casino gaming you could possibly want. If you’re unable to reach Las Vegas, then simply grab hold of your mobile or tablet and simply play online to enjoy the thrill of a casino game. Sites such as have been designed specifically to ensure you receive the best experience on your particular device.

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